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These cats got skills, yo.

Cocoa Sarise, Arkhitek, Storyteller, and Emperor...are the emcees that form Brazen. Brazen is a hip hop group out of the Queen City of the Carolinas (Charlotte, North Carolina) that offer a distinct sound and unprecedented boldness of character for which they are self-proclaimed royalty.

The conglomerate performs as often as possible throughout North Carolina, and they are currently in the process of revising their EP (Unseen), recorded in Spring of 2000.

These "Unseen" individuals have yet to grace the world with their lyrical skill, unique perspective, and charismatic demeanor, but the world will soon be graced with their presence.

Cocoa Sarise aka ThatEmcee is currently working on a solo EP to be released in Spring 2001, this solo debut (titled "Alas") further aquaints the world with the young yet mature artist.

Keep your eyes, ears, and minds open to these Brazen cats as they "come in to bless yall."

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Contact: Charles Valkala
Phone: (919) 914-1341