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Suthan' Sauce

Suthan' Sauce

Suthan' Sauce got has a plan. Says manager Scottie "Dutch" Scarborough, "The group's mission is to bring something new to hip-hop, yet, on some conscious shit."

Formed as a freestyle crew in NCCU's infamous Chidley Hall in '98, they hooked up with Dutch to legitimize their operation.

The Four MC's: Alex "Hawk" Hawthorne, Warren "Dubb" Bell, Tyree "Dogg" Cunningham, Jamaal "J-Boogie" Cook.

The Production Team: "3 Dee", "Dutch", "J-Boogie" and Leroy "Pytch" Black.

The deep meaning of the acronym (as revealed by the crew themselves):

Souls             So
United           All
Together       Us
Humbling      Can
Avoiding       Eat

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Contact: Scottie Scarborough
Phone: (919) 493-3631