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Sandman, Logic, Damage One, Lovejoy, Mstk, Skillz, Young, Tey Novel, Subtle Storm, Contact and Haxoba. Together they find unity. Together they form Tyfu.

If you think eleven MC's would make for a crowded stage, you're right. They form an undulating human wave as they push and pull for the mic. Watching them live is like seeing a freestyle battle with a unified purpose.

Tyfu brings the hard-core element to the local scene. With fresh production, tight lyricist, and a reverance for pure hip hop, they stick to their guns and shy away from all the "cash, money, hos" finding its way into the mainstream lately.

Their October release of Out of Control was accompanied by the area's largest hip hop publicity barrage. The pub paid off with single 'World Wide' moving from college radio stations to local 102 JAMZ.

Now is a pivotal time for the group's future. But, no worries. These cats are about to put Chapel Hill on the map.

Are you prepared for the coming of the storm?


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Contact: www.tyfumusic.com
Phone: (888) 948-7972