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by Mark Towfiq
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Tablets of `Abdu'l-Bahá `Abbás
Pages 31-33

"O ye crying voices in the region of America!..."

O ye [1] crying voices in the region of America!


Make level the path of the Covenant of God! BE firm in the Alliance of God!


I surely read your answer to my words, and my heart overflowed with joy and fragrance, when I heard of your supplication to God, and of your entreaty to God, and of your begging assistance of God, and of your endeavor in the service of the Cause of God, and of your effort in publishing the Alliance of God, and of your yearning after and your longing for harmony and union in the love of God.


Ye shall soon behold the lights of confirmation shining forth unto your hearts and your spirits from the Kingdom of ABHA.


Stand up, as the standing of the souls by whose lights of sincerity in the Cause of God the horizons are shining, and guard the sheep of God with the staff of the instructions of God.


I beg God to confirm thee to His will, as He confirmed the Apostles (of Jesus) aforetime.


I know, verily, that the universal, never ending, eternal, bright and divine establishments are only the diffusing of the breaths of God, and the spreading of the instructions of God, and all that are beside these, though they be the reigning over all the regions of the earth, or the construction of railroads from the earth to the heavens, or means of transportation with the rapidity of rising lightning from the globe of earth to the globe of the sun, all are but mortal, perishing, demolishing and disadvantageous, in comparison with the divine establishments. Because the latter (divine establishments) are intrinsic matters, while the former are but metaphorical matters; the latter are truth, while the former are imaginary.


Verily, I yearn after your visit as the yearning of the thirsty after the fountain of the water of Euphrates (agreeable water), but at present your remaining in that region (America) is obligatory. Please God, when it will be the occasion, I will inform you to come; and (now) I will circumambulate instead of you the Holy Tomb. [2] Glory be upon you!



1. [To the believers in general throughout America.]

2. [The Tomb of BAHA'O'LLAH.]