Bahíyyih Khánum
Pages 10-11

8: O thou my affectionate sister! ...

O thou my affectionate sister! God be praised, according to what we hear the climate in that land hath proved not unfavourable. It is to be hoped that out of the grace of the Blessed Beauty thy illness will be completely cured and thou wilt return in the best of health, so that once again I may gaze upon that wondrous face of thine.


Write thou a full account of thy condition by every post, for I am most anxious for news of thee. Let me know if thou shouldst desire anyone from here to come to thee, that I may send the person along--even Munírih--so that thou wilt not be homesick.


That thou shouldst spend a few days of peace and rest, is my dearest wish.


We here, God be thanked, are all enjoying the best of health. I have been better lately, and sleeping well at night. Rest assured.