Bahíyyih Khánum
Page 108

13: O leaf that has been stirred by the breeze of ...

O leaf that has been stirred by the breeze of God! O victim of oppression in the path of the Abhá Beauty!--may my soul and the souls of the handmaids of God be offered up as a sacrifice for the dust of His Holy Shrine.


I earnestly hope that you may ever abide in peace and security within the shelter of the loving-kindness of the One true God, may labour diligently in those regions to serve His Cause and to diffuse the fragrance of holiness, that you may be confirmed at all times through His gracious assistance, and that, at the gatherings of the handmaids of God, you may shine forth as a bright candle, directing those loved ones of the Beauty of the All-Merciful to the path of divine guidance, exhorting them to be firm and steadfast, to be sanctified and detached so that they may, one and all, arise to fulfil that which is deemed worthy of these days, and by manifesting a goodly character and noble conduct cause that country to vie with the blissful Paradise.