Bahíyyih Khánum
Pages 111-112

17: O my dear sister! Your excellent letter ...

O my dear sister! Your excellent letter brought me much joy, testifying as it did to your ardour and pure intent, and to your being immersed in the ocean of God's heavenly love, and also to the harmony and concord among His handmaids --which indeed is the greatest of God's bestowals: for fellowship, closeness and love are glories of the Kingdom, and richest gifts from the Lord of dominion and might. We thank Him then for this great bounty.


To the honoured handmaid of God, Miss Barney, give my many and fond wishes. I implore God to assist her and yourself to attain the greatest of all His favours in His mighty Kingdom.


I conveyed the salutations from all of you, and your expressions of devoted servitude, to Him Whom God hath purposed, the Centre of His ancient Covenant.


From this imprisoned handmaid.