Bahíyyih Khánum
Pages 113-114

20: Both in the Persian and Arabic Writings of ...

Both in the Persian and Arabic Writings of the Primal Point--may the life of all men be offered up for Him--there are several, nay indeed numerous passages in which He directs His plea to the exalted court of Him Whom God shall make manifest, requesting Him to graciously protect the leaves of the Tree of the Bayán, that they may not fall away but rather attain their paradise which is the recognition of His Manifestation.


The detailed account you had given about the services she [1] has performed during the early days of the Faith is entirely true, and sufficient witness unto it is God. God willing, the services she has rendered and the hardships she has endured may yield excellent results. With the utmost humility and devotion we will pray for her at the Holy Shrine, beseeching divine confirmation and assistance. Likewise, in the sublime presence of Him Whom God has purposed we will beg earnestly for His tender solicitude and the outpouring of His special favours.



1. [Elsewhere in this letter reference is made to one of the female relatives of the recipient.]