Bahíyyih Khánum
Pages 12-13

10: O my well-beloved sister, O Most Exalted ...

O my well-beloved sister, O Most Exalted Leaf!


Thou didst leave for Akká to remain but two days or so and then return, but now thou hast been gone from us for quite a while. We have stayed behind in Haifa, all alone, and it is very difficult to get along. We hear that thou art a little indisposed; the Haifa air would have been better for thee. We had everything ready in Haifa to receive thee, but in fact, this caused thee some difficulty. There is no way but to endure the toil and trouble of God's path. If thou dost not bear these hardships, who would ever bear them?


In any case, no matter how things are, come thou here today, because my heart is longing for thee.