Bahíyyih Khánum
Pages 61-62

30: O loved ones of God, These two precious ...

O loved ones of God, These two precious and most exalted treasures, [1] these two keepsakes of the sacred Beauty of Abhá, have now been joined to the third trust from Him, that is, to the daughter of Bahá and His remnant, the token of the Master's Remembrance.


Their resting-places are in one area, on an elevation close by the Spot round which do circle the Concourse on High, and facing the Qiblih of the people of Bahá--Akká, the resplendent city, and the sanctified, the luminous, the Most Holy Shrine.


Within the shadow of these honoured tombs has also been laid the remains of the consort [2] of Him round Whom all names revolve.


For joy, the Hill of God is stirred at so high an honour, and for this most great bestowal the mountain of the Lord is in rapture and ecstasy.



1. [The remains of the Purest Branch and those of Navváb.]

2. [Munírih Khánum.]