Bahíyyih Khánum
Pages 86-87

22: Even though the Greatest Holy Leaf has left ...

Even though the Greatest Holy Leaf has left us in body she is with us in spirit, inspiring us in our work and beseeching for us God's loving mercy and fatherly care. She will never forget her loving friends nor leave them in their woes.


Shoghi Effendi was very sad to hear of your difficulties, especially as they have encompassed you at an age when you cannot confront them but must have comfort and peace. You should, however, take courage and resign to the will of God when you see what the Greatest Holy Leaf had to face during her life. All you may suffer is nothing compared to what she had to endure; and yet how joyous and hopeful she used always to be!


This is the way of the world. The greatest among us seems to be the one who has suffered most and withstood best the battles of life.