Bahíyyih Khánum
Pages 104-105

10: May the Light of Union radiate with greater ...

May the Light of Union radiate with greater clearness and brilliancy day by day among the people in your great country--for to this country God has given much and much is expected from it. But without harmony and love existing among those who call themselves Bahá'ís, nothing will be seen from it whatsoever; for verily the Believers are the pivots upon which the fate of nations hang; and a difference among two believers is quite sufficient to consume and destroy a whole country. The one who works for harmony and union among the hearts of the people in these days will receive the greatest blessings and the most abundant bounties. There is no greater work for one to do upon this earth than to try and unite the hearts of the people--and especially those who are calling upon the Holy Name of God.