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Information Center for Every Youth (ICE Youth)

I.C.E. Youth, Information Center for Every Youth , is the gathering place of general knowledge and valuable information about Current Education both in and out of curriculum such as Information Technology, Natural Sciences & Social Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Philosophy & Psychology, Varieties of Arts, Health Sciences and other latest accessible news for anyone those interested in uplifting their own initiatives and capacity, especially young people.

I.C.E Youth provides loan services on several books, tapes, periodicals and other knowledge items. I.C.E Youth especially retains a knowledge base where people can access valuable information for preparing their further education such as Standardized Test Books (TOEFL, IELTS, GCE 'A' & 'O', SAT I & II, GRE, GMAT, AP), College Handbooks, Sample Applications & Essay Tips.

Membership required to borrow books.

Library Location:

No-76, 2nd Fl,
Hledan St, Lanmadaw
Yangon, Myanmar.

Library Hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday 1 pm - 5 pm



Myanmar-United States Friendship Exchange

MUSFEX is an association of Myanmar alumni who have studied or participated in one of the US-based educational or professional institutions either in short period or over years, and are willing to work for the betterment of Myanmar people. Their mission is to foster mutual understanding and to enhance friendship between people of Myanmar and people of the United States as well as to bring democracy and peace in the country and around the world.

Begun in September 2005, MUSFEX has matched 40 alumni to students and mid-level professionals based on subject expertise and interest. The mentees do not necessarily have U.S.-based experience.
First, MUSFEX recruited volunteers who offered to serve as mentors and gave them information regarding their responsibilities and what to expect in their roles as mentors. MUSFEX then opened the mentoring program to all interested parties, announcing it at various MUSFEX events. Most of the exchange between the mentors and mentees is via telephone and email on a regular basis, and twice annually they meet for a lunch sponsored by MUSFEX. MUSFEX evaluates the progress of the mentoring program at bi-annual all-member alumni meetings.
Many students who plan to study abroad are taking part in the program and have commented that it is very valuable in preparing them for academia in the U.S.

Any Burmese professional who is interested to be coached for individual professional development could enroll as mentee.





This website has short useful articles on colleges, courses of study, and country information for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, and a little on Europe. It is strongest on the UK and the US.

The course center provides short articles which describe different courses of study and the jobs they can lead to. The living and learning abroad part gives information by country about culture, living costs, entrance requirements, and the educational system.



This website ranks Asia's best universities in Asia in the year 2000. There is also a linked webpage which ranks Asia's best business schools.



This site allows you to search schools by geographic location for a particular program you would like to attend.  It also provides information on the schools which have that program, tuition and fees, financial support, contact information and enrollment.



This site provides tools for deciding on a college.  It provides profiles of colleges and comparison of over 3500 schools.



This is an online directory of college and university admissions office email addresses and telephone numbers, college scholarship and financial aid office email addresses, and links to the home pages and online applications of more than a thousand colleges and universities. And, we have assembled a page of links to the very best college and university admissions, college scholarship, and financial aid pages on the web.

(Note: If you are searching for scholarships and schools in a particular state, you need to scroll the page way to the bottom since there are ads between the text and the states on their homepage.)



This is a list of American universities and links to their homepages.



This site provides a free database of links to higher education facilities worldwide for researchers, students, and others.



The site consists of a full list of universities, geographical listings of universities worldwide, and the survey results section which lists the top 15 schools.



This site provides links to colleges & universities around the world that offer undergraduate programs



This website has directories of graduate schools in different states including business schools, engineering school, law schools, and medical schools.



This site provides free university and college advice for students who are considering an international education.  It helps students who want to study abroad choose the right combination of course, college and country. It includes articles from the leading journals on international education, college search facilities, and detailed advice on living and studying in a country other than your own.  



Directory of college, university, and community college websites in the US and Canada. Lists over 3000 schools by state or province.

www.SchoolsintheUSA.com is a free career and college prep resource which allows students to explore career paths and find the right college for them.


http://degree-finder.com finds training and degree programs from colleges and vocational schools.


http://education-portal.com helps you search for schools and colleges near  you.  Listed schools have been Independently researched and categorized.

http://www.CollegesintheUSA.com provides international students with the information they need to know about studying in the USA including a searchable database of academic programs, English language tests, and information on what to expect when students arrive in the USA.  This multilingual site also allows students to search and view profiles in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and from 2007, Russian.

http://www.myanmarstudyabroad.co.nr - a discussion board where you can ask questions on studying abroad.

http://www.SchoolsInCanada.com - Schools in Canada provides international students with information on studying in Canada. Search Canadian universities,
colleges, English and French language programs, Canadian international schools, 
secondary schools, private high schools & boarding schools.


http://www.educations.com -

A global study guide and education directory for individuals all over the world who wish to study abroad.


College and Career Search Center (http://www.citytowninfo.com/education) at CityTownInfo.com offers:

CityTownInfo is a respected resource referenced by hundreds of public libraries, colleges and universities, local, state and federal agencies. If you believe your site visitors would also benefit from CityTownInfo, please consider linking to its College and Career Search Center (http://www.citytowninfo.com/education). There is no fee or registration required for using CityTownInfo.



It is a website that matches nearly 4 million prospective students per month with postsecondary education, career training, and professional development programs. Its sister site, Online Degree Finder provides detailed information about programs, degrees, and schools, and helps match students to a specific online curriculum to further their education. The URL to Online Degree Finder is:  http://www.onlinedegreefinder.com/programs/.



This site gives information on online colleges and universities in the US.



Matchcollege.com is a free college search and information site, providing information on admissions, financial aid, tuition and more on over 6,000 colleges and universities nation-wide.



It is a leading online resource for post-secondary vocational education and higher education, providing the most comprehensive portal for individuals who wish to pursue a higher level of education or training. 

Education Online Search is a free college and career education portal, to help you learn about careers and the schools offering education and degrees for the fields you choose. There is a collection of more than 400 career articles and education articles to guide you through many aspects of your search, including career descriptions, financial aid tips, advice for adult learners, info on standardized college tests, and more. There is also a directory of colleges which let you fill out a simple online form to request detailed school and financial aid information.







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