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Scholarships for Burmese Students

The following scholarship programs are specifically for Burmese students:



The Open Society Institute's Network Scholarship Program


OSI's Supplementary Grant Program for Burmese students was established in 1994 to address primarily -- but not exclusively -- the needs of Burmese refugee students whose college education was disrupted due to political instability in Burma. The goal of the program is to enable these students to complete their education, as well as to assist students just beginning their academic career outside of Burma.



Applicants must be between the ages of 18-40, must be accepted into a full-time study program, must already have partial support, and must intend to return to Burma. Students who are enrolled in English as a Second Language Programs and high school are not eligible for the Supplementary Grant Program - Burma.



Grants are provided to students in three different categories: tuition - not to exceed 50% of tuition per course; living expenses - students who have succeeded in funding their tuition, either through scholarships or their own financial means, are eligible for additional housing and living funds; other - students who have secured all other funds but cannot afford additional expenses such as books, materials, health insurance, transportation to and from the school.


Application deadline

For students studying in Asia and Australia: March 15.

For students studying in North America, Europe: May 15.



Contact Information

Vera Johnson
Supplementary Grant Program - Burma
The Open Society Institute
400 W. 59th Street, 4th Floor
ph: 212 548 0175
Fax: 212 548 4652


For more information and to download the application, go to: http://www.soros.org/initiatives/scholarship/focus_areas/supplementary_burma


OSI Scholarship Program Contact in Thailand:

Shona Kirkwood
PO Box 8,
Mae Ping Post Office,
Chiang Mai, 50301


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Prospect Burma


Prospect Burma was established in 1989 and its scholarship program was started in 1992 with support from Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's Nobel Peace Prize funds.  By funding education for young Burmese, Prospect Burma seeks to help create a cadre of Burmese who will be competent to run the country once democracy returns. Its aim is to educate those who will bring their knowledge and skills back to Burma for its future development. In 2000, it supported 80 students studying in several countries.

Prospect Burma's scholarship programme has expanded over the years and in 2006 Prospect Burma was able to make a record 200 awards to Burmese students studying at universities worldwide.

Deadline: End of March of the same year.

Prospect Burma is offering Scholarships open to people of Burmese origin who meet the following conditions:


You may qualify for an award if you are of Burmese origin and have been accepted for, or enrolled in a degree course at an accredited college or university, and are:

¨     Accepted for and/or enrolled in a first degree (undergraduate) course at a college or university;

¨     Already studying, or accepted for, a Master’s degree course;

¨     A postgraduate student who has already started on a Doctorate, or has a confirmed offer of a place to read for a Doctorate.

We give preference to applicants studying one of the following subjects:


¨     Agriculture

¨     Engineering

¨     Civil Society

¨     Human Rights

¨     Development

¨     Nursing

¨     Ecology/Conservation

¨     Public Administration

¨     Education/Teacher Training

¨     Public Health

¨     Economics

¨     Science subjects


While we do not exclude any subjects entirely, we do not give any priority to the following subjects:


¨     Business Administration/Management

¨     Political Science

¨     Computer Science

¨     Medicine ( at first degree level)

¨     Finance/Banking/Marketing

¨     Fine & Performing Arts

¨     History

¨     Religious studies

We also give preference to students at educational institutions in South-East Asia or South Asia.


We announce a competition each January for awards for the forthcoming academic year.  Awards are for one year only, and students must apply again for subsequent years.

We help students who have a good academic record, who can demonstrate financial need and who intend eventually to return to Burma to help the democratic rebuilding of the country.

Our awards are intended as a contribution to tuition fees, academic course materials and living expenses including accommodation and food. We do not contribute to international travel, computer equipment or debts. We do not make a contribution to the costs of dependants (spouses, partners, children).

We will require successful applicants to sign a grant letter and to observe the conditions of the award.  If a student fails to observe the conditions, they will be liable to repay the money and will not be eligible for future awards.

Decisions on awards are made by Prospect Burma’s Scholarship Committee and are final.



Answer all questions fully. Write your name in the top right hand corner of each page.

We require the following supporting documents (in English or with a translation):

¨     Proof of enrolment at a university or college

¨     Copy of any letter giving other awards

¨     Copy of recent academic records and any existing academic references you may have

¨     Copy of the personal details page of your passport or travel document

¨     Any additional information you feel supports your case.


It helps us to speed matters up if we can contact you and your referees by e-mail or fax.

Please send the completed application forms to:

Residents of Thailand:              Education Project Coordinator,

  P O Box 8, Mae Ping PO

  Chiang Mai 50301


E-Mail: bpeoshona@gmail.com


Residents elsewhere:                 

Ian C Sloane

Executive Director

Prospect Burma

Porter's Lodge

Rivermead Court, Ranelagh Gardens

London SW6 3SF

Tel: (44) (0) 207 371 0887

Fax: (44) (0) 207 371 0547

Website: www.prospectburma.org

Email: scholarships@prospectburma.org

You may send a copy of the form by e-mail or fax, but the signed original MUST follow by airmail.


We do not acknowledge receipt of applications, nor do we send rejection notices. If you have not heard from us by 31 July you must assume your application has failed.

Anyone sending false documents, making untrue statements or failing to disclose all relevant information will NOT receive a grant this year or in the future.

If we have given you a grant in the past, we will only consider a new application if you have fulfilled the conditions set out in your grant letter and supplied us with a full report on your studies.

For those able to download documents written in Microsoft Word, the application forms may be obtained from Prospect Burma by E-mail, or from the Prospect Burma website at: www.prospectburma.org.

Every year application forms are available from January - March and the deadline for receipt of an application is the end of March of the same year. The deadline will be strictly adhered to and please do not send any applications after the deadline. 



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The Burmese Refugee Scholarship Program

The Burmese Refugee Scholarship Program (BRSP) was mandated by the U.S. Congress in 1990. It assists Burmese refugees who were forced to flee their homeland in fear of persecution by Burma’s ruling military junta for having participated in pro-democracy movements.  Since 1995 the Program has been administered by Indiana University. 

Each year five students who have the potential to be leaders in a democratic Burma are brought to the US to pursue training at institutions of higher education.  The overall goal of BRSP is to assist these refugees in achieving a democratic society in Burma. 

The grantees selected have shown leadership skills and support for the goal of a more democratic Burma through their past activities in Burma and among Burmese refugee organizations and communities abroad.  They show a capacity to benefit from university level studies in the U.S.  They have been designated as refugees (persons of concern) by the UN High Commission for Refugees.

Under the BRSP, the grantees are brought to the Indiana University Bloomington campus for pre-academic orientation and English as a Second Language training.  Upon completion of this initial stage of the program they begin full-time enrollment in degree programs at appropriate institutions.

The BRSP grantees are enrolled in fields such as journalism, public administration, business management, public health and NGO management.  They develop the professional skill and knowledge required for building a democratic Burma. In addition to their studies, they demonstrate a continuing involvement with individuals and organizations in the US and abroad that are working to bring about a more democratic Burma.

For more information about this program, please contact:

Carol Myint
Indiana University, International Programs
Email: cmyint@indiana.edu
Phone: 812-855-3948
FAX: 812-855-6271



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Burma Education Scholarship Trust, Scotland, Supplementary Scholarship Program

The Burma Educational Scholarship Trust, Scotland (BEST) was set up in 2003 to address primarily the needs of Burmese students studying in Thailand and in the UK, whose hopes and dreams of higher education were disrupted due to ongoing political instability inside Burma. 


For application forms go to www.burma-trust.org


After an initial screening, selected applicants will then be invited to send an essay by email to support their initial application in order to make an assessment for receiving a grant.

Because we are a small organisation, we cannot acknowledge receipt of applications, nor do we send rejection notices. If you have not heard from us by 31 July you must assume your application has failed.

The main purpose of this programme is to support, in cooperation with like-minded organisations, disadvantaged students from the diverse communities living inside and outside their motherland, to achieve their academic goals, equipping them with skills required for a peaceful reconciliation and transformation of Burma.


Grants will be awarded on the basis of academic record; applicant’s long-term goals; and financial need. Specifically, grants are given to

students who not only meet the programme criteria but who have already demonstrated a willingness and commitment to utilise their academic knowledge, skills and experience to return to work on an ongoing basis for the democratic, social and economic rebirth of Burma, by whatever means they can.


The BEST programme has been specifically designed to provide a source of additional supplementary funds, to students who are enrolled in academic programmes at accredited colleges, universities, and community colleges leading to a degree (BA, MA, PhD, etc) in Thailand and the UK in order to help cover their academic and living costs.


In 2009, in addition to supplementary scholarship, students studying in Thailand will be considered for a one-off grant of a lap top computer to aid their studies. Applications will be considered in parallel to the scholarship process with the same criteria of previous community work being the prime factor for a successful application.


Whilst you may not be successful in getting a scholarship, you may still be eligible for receiving a computer, dependent on your course of studies.


BEST operate a fully funded one year residential University Access Course for Burmese refugee students registered in the UK studying in at Newbattle Abbey College in Edinburgh. So far three refugee students have benefited from this programme and are going on to study at University in Scotland.


A fully funded post graduate programme exists for a Burmese refugee registered in the UK in the Faculty of Theology and Politics at St Andrews University in Scotland: The "BEST Prospect Research Fellowship" will allow the successful applicant to study to Doctorate level over three years.


Applications should be made directly to burmatrust@fastmail.fm marked "BEST PROSPECT ENQUIRY" and should be received by May 2009.


This 2009 programme provides funding for up to one year of study.


Students who receive funding for the 2008/2009 academic year must reapply for subsequent years.


Deadline for 2009 is end of March 2009


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Cetana Educational Foundation


Must be living in Myanmar. Those living outside the country will not be considered. Scholars must be studying in majors that have application to work opportunities in country. Student must pledge to return home for a minimum of 3 years after completion of studies. If the recipient breaks the pledge, he or she must pay back full scholarship so that another student may take his or her place. Most scholarships are for graduate studies in neighboring SE Asian countries. Only a few scholarships are available in the U.S. where colleges provide full tuition grants. Scholars are representative of all religious and ethnic groups.



SE Asia--full tuition, room and board, transportation U. S.--individual package of support will be developed with tuition granting college.


Application Deadline

December 1. The student must be interviewed in Myanmar, and approved by U.S. Cetana Board.


Contact for information

Jean Dickason
President Cetana Educational Foundation
1214 Rt. 295 East Chatham, NY 12060

Cetana Foundation's Scholarship for Tropical Medicine/Infectious Disease, One-Year Training, Mahidol University, Thailand, 2007

Cetana Foundation is accepting applications from Candidates who are interested in Tropical medicine/Infectious Disease one year training program at Mahidol University in Thailand 2007.

Criteria for selection:

1. Candidate must be a Burmese citizen & physician with minimal two years clinical experience after satisfactory completion of internship

2. Should demonstrate keen interest and reasonable knowledge in STDs, TB, Malaria and HIV infections,

3. Should be fluent in Written English (A personal statement should be submitted in English) and clearly understandable spoken English (TOEFL Score of 550 and above is required for University entry.)

4. There must be no Political affiliation

5. Must pass thorough Medical check up including PPD Skin test/Chest X'ray

6. Willing to sign a contract promising to go back to Burma and practive for four years

7. Willing to meet and share ID Treatment Guidelines as well as knowledge with General Practitioners every 3 months for four years

8. Willing to work with MMA (Myanmar Medical Association) - BMA - NA (Burma Medical Association - North America) and Cetana Foundation as needed and should report progress/problems to BMA-NA via email every 3 months for four years.

9. Those younger than 45 years are preferred

10. Priority given to Applicants who have NGO experience

Detailed Criteria and Applications forms will be available soon in Cetana Foundation Office at Yangon YMCA, GP society office as well as MMA main Library in Burma.

Please convey this Educational News to all your friends back in Burma as soon as possible because we are trying to select the best Candidate by January of 2007.




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The Charles Wallace Trust for Burma

Grants are given to Burmese nationals who are normally resident in Burma/Myanmar and who intend to return to Burma at the end of their studies.  Awards are given to Burmese students studying in British higher education institutions.  They are intended as supplements to other sources of funding and are applicable to a wide range of disciplines in the arts, humanities, science and technology.

Criteria for Awards - Information for Students

The Trust can provide help to student from Burma/Myanmar who are studying at either under or post-graduate level at a recognised British educational institution.  Applicants must be citizens of Burma/Myanmar and normally resident there.

There is no formal application form but applicants must provide the following information:

* Details of their permanent address in Burma together with biographical details and a note on their intended career

* Details of their course or research project and a realistic estimate of its completion date

* Full details of their current financial position and of any awards that they have received from other sources

*Details of all other applications that have been made for financial assistance, both in the UK and elsewhere

*The name and address of their academic supervisor

Trustees will consider applications primarily on the grounds of academic merit.  The Trust has modest funds at its disposal and cannot act as a source of primary funding.  Support can be either towards fees or maintenance costs.

Please note that in normal circumstances, the Trust does not give grants to students already in receipt of full awards from any national or international agency.  It will only consider requests from students originally funded in such a manner when the original award has expired and if there are exceptional circumstances.  The Trust cannot make retrospective grants or pay debts.

Students who think that they are eligible should apply to the Secretary by letter or email giving the details as requested above.  Applications for grants are considered at 6 monthly intervals, in June and December.  All grants are given at the discretion of the Trustees whose decision is final.


The Secretary

The Charles Wallace Burma Trust

22 Holyoake Walk

London N2 OJX

Email: wcrawley@wallace-trusts.org.uk

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World Bank Scholarship Program for Graduate Students

Attention! The Scholarship Program does not sponsor undergraduate studies, distance learning programs, short-term training, conferences, seminars, thesis writing, research projects, and fields of studies not related to development. All these requests will not be considered.

JJ/WBGS Program

In 1987, the World Bank, with funding from the Government of Japan, established the World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (WBGSP) for graduate studies in subjects related to economic development. Each year, the Program awards scholarships to individuals from World Bank member countries to undertake graduate studies at renowned universities throughout member countries of the Bank.

Now in its 20th year, the Regular Program has awarded 2,613 scholarships, selected from nearly 53,000 applicants. In addition, 969 scholarships have been awarded in the various JJ/WBGSP Partnership Programs for a total of 3,582 awards.

Since the inception of the Program, the Government of Japan has provided over 152 million dollars to the Scholarship Program. The Program's objective is to help create an international community of highly trained professionals working in the field of economic and social development. The World Bank and the Government of Japan require the scholars to return to their home countries on completion of their study Programs and apply their enhanced knowledge and skills to contribute to the development process in their respective regions and communities.

Starting in 1992, a number of Partnership Programs have been launched, largely to respond to the need for graduate study Programs which combine academic rigor with specialized training in the practical aspects of policy-making. The objective of these Programs is to prepare the participants for effective policy-making roles in their home countries and regions.


Application forms for the 2007 are available as:

The World Bank administers the Program through the World Bank Institute (WBI). Policy guidance for the Program is provided by a Steering Committee comprised of three Executive Directors and five senior managers of the Bank. A Secretariat for day-to-day administration is maintained within WBI.

Application forms for the Regular Program in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese as well as Applications for Japanese nationals for the 2007 selection cycle of the Regular JJ/WBGSP are available from the Secretariat from November 1, 2006 though January 31, 2007.

To apply for a JJ/WBGSP scholarship under the Regular Program, an applicant must read carefully the application procedure as outlined in documents below:

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria



Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines

Universities to Study in 2007 - 2008

Universities to Study in 2007 - 2008

How to Apply

How to Apply

Address completed applications to:

The JJ/WBGSP Secretariat
MSN J2-204
1818 H Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20433, USA

Applications sent by fax or e-mail are not accepted.

The application together with ALL supporting documentation must be received in the Scholarship Program Office by the deadline of March 31, 2007. Applicants should make the necessary provision to ensure receipt of their application package before the deadline. The program Secretariat is not responsible of any possible delay in mail delivery.

Due to the large volume of paperwork handled by the JJ/WBGSP Secretariat , it is not possible to respond to telephone or mail requests regarding the status of applications.


This application form is not valid for the JJ/WBGSP Partnership Programs. For more information about the Partnership Programs, please visit the Program website.





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The Brackett Foundation

(from: http://brackett.colgate.edu/programs.htm)

The Foundation has the following three kinds of support programs:


Foundation supports Boarding Houses, Schools, Teachers, Parents, and Student Scholarship Programs in India.  Boarding Houses allow children living in remote areas to attend schools in larger villages.  Schools like that shown on the right provide primary education to hill-tribe children.  Teachers working without pay, hiding in the jungle from the Burmese forces are given a stipend.  Very poor parents are given support so they can send their child to school.

Study Grants

Study Grants allow children to attend government middle schools and high schools where they can learn the Thai language and complete their high school diplomas.   Study Grants are also given for taking language courses in English or Thai, and for vocational studies. Sukyira, shown on the left, is studying accounting at a vocational school in Mae Sot. The average Study Grant is about $166.

Leader Interns

The Leader- Intern program seeks to educate persons who have a concern for the well-being of their people and commitment to service.  In 2005, we supported over one hundred  Leader-Interns in a variety of programs including business, medical studies, nursing,biology, teaching, engineering, computer science, and southeast Asian studies.  The average Leader-Intern award is $702.


Contact: tomb@twcny.rr.com





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Child's Dream Scholarship Program

(from http://www.childsdream.org/en/aboutFoundation.asp)

Child’s Dream Association is a charity organisation dedicated to unconditional help for underprivileged children in the 'Mekong Sub-Region'. Our office in Chiang Mai / Thailand serves as a base to select local humanitarian projects providing relief to street children, AIDS orphans and, in general, to children exposed to extreme poverty.

Over the past 3 years, Child’s Dream has been supporting more than 30 different projects in the Mekong Sub-Region. Our projects range from nursery schools to primary and secondary schools up to high schools and junior colleges. We always knew that the educational cycle for the roughly 6’000 children in our projects was incomplete until we could offer scholarships to highly capable youths and allow them to continue their studies up to BA - or even MA - degrees. Highly educated youths will be future leaders, will promote tolerance and diversity and will contribute to a peaceful life in the communities.

It is our goal to significantly extend the program in the years to come by selecting more students for the subsequent academic years. The overall budget for the academic year (2006/2007) is approximately THB 1,710,000 (approx. USD 44,000).

Students interested in our scholarship program can download more information here.

At the moment Child’s Dream runs a very small scholarship program. For the academic year 2006/2007 we support 9 Burmese students who will get a full scholarship for the next 4 years. This is currently only a pilot program for us but if proven successful, we will consider supporting a new group of students for the academic

year 2007/2008 and thereafter.

If you are interested in being considered for the future expansion of the program, then please apply for a scholarship through SGPB (Supplementary Grant Program – Burma). Besides running their own scholarship program, they support us logistically by collecting and pre-screening applications for us. You can get all relevant information and download their application form through the following link:

Supplementary Grant Program - Burma http://www.soros.org/initiatives/bpsai

By submitting the completed form, you automatically apply for a scholarship with both organizations: SGPB

and Child's Dream.

Please note that the application procedure will be open from January – March 2007.


Contact Information:


Child's Dream

Muandam Phrakot Road
Soi 1, House 1
T. Chang Phuak
Chiang Mai 50300



Phone: +66(0)53 214 718

Phone: +41 44 586 34 99

fax:  +66 (0)53 214 718




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Asia Pacific Scholarship Consortium

The Asia Pacific Scholarship Consortium offers a fully-funded scholarship for individuals from Myanmar, Cambodia, and Lao PDR to pursue masters degrees from select top universities in the Asia Pacific region in the following subject areas. 

The 2010 applications are currently available, and the deadline is December 1, 2009.  For more information and to download applications, please go to: http://www.apsconsortium.org/home.html

To receive applications by email, please contact: apsconsortium@gmail.com



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Myanmar Masters of Public Health

Program Description

This program was established to support medical practitioners from Myanmar to pursue Masters in Public Health or Masters in Health Social Science programs at universities within Thailand or the Philippines.


· Applicants must be Myanmar Nationals.

· Students are required to contribute part of the overall costs personally or from another source.

· Students must attend on a full time basis and agree to complete the program within its normal duration.

· Participants are required to maintain student status throughout the time of the grant and abide by all the terms and conditions as outlined in a contract letter to be signed by the grantee.

· Applicants must independently apply to, and be accepted by one of the following university programs:

Mahidol University Master of Public Health

To apply, please contact: http://www.ph.mahidol.ac.th/Webpages_MPH/

Application deadline: January 31, 2010

Master of Health Social Sciences Program

To apply. please contact: http://www.sh.mahidol.ac.th/hssip/

Application deadline: March 31, 2010

Thammasat University Masters of Public Health (Global Health)

To apply, please contact: http://fph.tu.ac.th/en/program.php?id=2

Application deadline: March 31st, 2010

University of the Philippines, Manila Master of Public Health Masters of Science in Public Health Program in * Biostatistics * Medical Microbiology * Parasitology * Nutrition * Epidemiology * Environmental Health *Masters of Hospital Administration *Masters of Arts in Health Policy Studies *Masters of Occupational Health *Masters of Science in Epidemiology *Masters of Rehabilitation Science *Masters of Health Professions Education

Information on any of the programs at UP Manila is available at the following site: http://www.upm.edu.ph/cph/Master_Degree_Program.htm

To request an application form, please email: mphmyanmar@gmail.com

Application deadline: February 28th, 2009

 Application Deadline

The deadline for mailing Myanmar Public Health Scholarship applications for the 2010/2011 academic year is: January 18th, 2010

Applicants are advised to apply both to the university and the scholarship program as early as possible. Applications sent after the appropriate deadline will be automatically disqualified.

Students should mail or email their applications and additional required materials to:

Ms. Tanya Polinsky P.O. Box 8 Mae Ping Post Office Chiang Mai 50301 THAILAND E-mail: mphmyanmar@gmail

Telephone: +66 (0) 81 993 2406

If you have any questions about the program please let us know.


Additional required information

Please include one copy of the following documents with your completed application. All official documents must be accompanied by an English translation:

1. A copy of the official letter of admission from the academic institution (if not available, explain why); 2. The official letter informing you of the details of the scholarship or financial aid award (if separate from the above); 3. Copies of your current and all additional academic transcripts (if not available, explain why); 4. Copy of the identifying pages of your passport, and Thai visa or other official I.D. (if no documents are available, please attach a short explanation); Two reference letters: one from someone who can comment on your academic ability and the other from a non-family member who is familiar with your work and potential. Please include in your application any additional information you feel may be helpful in the evaluation of your case.

NOTE: Omission of one or more of the documents mentioned above renders your application incomplete and will result in disqualification of the application. In the event that a document becomes available only after you submit your application, please indicate this on your application and send the missing document as soon as it becomes available.



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Scholarships by Country

Click on the following links for information on scholarships available in different countries:

South Korea
New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States



Scholarship Links

The following three sites allow students and educators to sign up for a free email newsletter offering valuable information on college admission, scholarships and financial aid, careers, college life, and other important subjects of interest to students, counselors, parents, and teachers.


This website lists and describes scholarships offered by individual colleges and universities to all enrolled students meeting the specific criteria.



This site offers students a chance to be recruited by, and perhaps be offered scholarships to attend, colleges, universities and graduate schools throughout the United States. This great service is absolutely free.



This is an all purpose college and scholarship information site which includes links to nine free internet scholarship search data bases, links to college websites and online applications, college admissions office email addresses and (mostly toll free) phone numbers, ACT and SAT prep information, and much, much more. The site has been the recipient of more than 25 internet awards and receives more than 150,000 visits each month.



This site can be helpful in understanding the steps in obtaining scholarships and  avoiding scholarship scams.



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