Here's the WHOLE story for Game Bytes distribution!


I get asked very frequently, "Ross, what are the known FTP sites that Game Bytes is distributed on?" Good question. Upon completion of an issue, Game Bytes is immediately sent to and is then moved into the /msdos/Games/Game_Bytes directory. From there, Brian O'Neil has the directories mirrored to many other sites, including the following:

Location   Name                  IP Address      Directory

Missouri  /systems/msdos/msdos-games
Wisconsin     /pub/msdos/games/uml
Germany   /pcsoft2/msdos2/games/Game_Bytes
S. Africa  /pub/msdos/uml
Taiwan   /Ulowell/msdos
Thailand /pub/mirrors/games
UK    /computing/systems/ibmpc/msdos-games/Games
You can also check out the following FTP sites too...

The same directory structure applies there, however there may be some parent directories 'above' /msdos/Games/Game_Bytes. For example, on, the parent directories are called /mirrors. Start with those and work your way down.

If you have any questions, please email me at for more details.


Game Bytes Magazine can be found on America On-Line the general software library. Because America On-Line is dealing with the conversion to the latest version of PKZIP 2.04g, Game Bytes is created and uploaded as a self-extracting file:


When searching for the file, use wild card words like 'GAME BYTES' or 'MAGAZINE'. If you need any help, please send email to me on America On-Line to: RossGBytes


I'm pleased to announce the relationship between Game Bytes and Epic MegaGames for distribution on Compuserve. Game Bytes can now be found in the Epic Forum (GO EPIC) for full distribution with no changes or omissions.

Once you have joined the EPIC forum, just jump to the file libraries and you'll see the Game Bytes library section where all issues are archived and new issues are uploaded. We will also be present very often for answering questions, taking your recommendations, and we intend to conduct live conferences and interviews with various game publishers and developers in the forum as well.

Epic has taken great strides to make this forum as useful and functional for gamers as possible and we encourage all who read Game Bytes to get on one of the finest on-line services in the world and come check it out. "Games Of The Month" will be offered regularly and other features will be added. You'll find some of the finest shareware games in the world in Epic - games that rival even full commercial software. Plus, it's a great way to check out a game before you spend the bucks.

In the very near future, Game Bytes will be offered to readers through Compuserve's flat-rate structure. For just $3.00 an issue, you can comfortably download each issue to your machine without the worries of connect time charges. The small $3.00 fee will automatically be billed to your Compuserve account. This is a great way to get Game Bytes with no hassles. Plus check out all of the other great files that are in EPIC.

Compuserve has a LOT to offer today's gamer. There are MANY forums with dedicated services for gamers including:

GO GAMAPUB}   Talk directly to MANY of the software companies producing
GO GAMBPUB} - today's games.  Everybody from Access to Electronic Arts,
GO GAMCPUB}   SSI to Virgin is on GAMEPUB forums.  Check it out.

GO GAMERS - Here is where your peers hang out.  Talk and share information
            about the games you are playing and get all the latest edits,
            scenarios, etc.

GO FSFORUM - For flight-sim fanatics, there's no finer place to be to get
             info and instruction than in FSFORUM.  This is where the gurus
             hang out.

GO SPRTSIMS - For sports simulation nuts, this is the place for you.
              Leagues of all kinds are set up and run from this forum. If
              you are looking for sports competition, this is the place.

But make sure you drop into GO EPIC often to get the latest shareware hits and check up on all the latest Game Bytes info.

Talk to us at 74431,1144

Thanks for reading.

EXEC-PC BBS Distribution

Hurray!!!! I'm proud to announce that EXEC-PC, the world's LARGEST BBS with over 280 phone lines, is now the permanent and FREE-ACCESS home to Game Bytes!

First things first - EXEC-PC has established itself as the world's largest BBS by offering enough phone lines at all popular baud rates to almost guarantee you'll never encounter a busy phone line again. Plus, EXEC-PC has granted Game Bytes a special FREE ACCESS file area so you don't need a membership, a special login or anything else to get Game Bytes. All you need is a phone, a modem, and a quick download at up to V.FAST rates will guarantee you Game Bytes every issue in the timeliest manner.

Here's the phone numbers:

414-789-4210 - 2400 Baud
414-789-4352 - U.S. Robotics Courier HST protocol
414-789-4360 - V.32bis 9600/14.4
414-789-4500 - Hayes V.FAST 28.8 Kbaud

Once you've logged on, you enter the Game Bytes area by entering the following:

F - to access the File Sections
F - to enter the FREE File Sections
G - to enter the Game Bytes File Section

Use the List command to view which issues are up and to flag what you would like to download. Enter D for download and away you go. I strongly suggest using the Zmodem protocol for downloading. It's the most efficient and fast protocol around.

I strongly recommend to consider subscribing to the remainder of the EXEC- PC services. They are immense and have every imaginable file under the sun in all the different file systems. Take the time to check them all out.

If you have any questions once you get on EXEC-PC, please feel free to email me. Just use my name - Ross Erickson.

Thanks for reading.

Ross Erickson, Editor/Publisher Game Bytes Magazine