HOCUS POCUS (c) 1994 Apogee Software

Terexin, leader of the Council of Wizards, is sending the young sorcerer, Hocus, on a special mission to prove his worthiness. This mission will take Hocus to 16 unique realms, each filled with unique dangers and enemies. Few have survived the Terexin's final test--for many it's a one-way trip.

Along the way Hocus will encounter dragons, imps, ghosts and 30 more unique creatures, demons and enemies. Survive, and Hocus becomes a full-fledged, card carrying Wizard. The other option is not so favorable.

Awesome and beautiful 256-color VGA graphics. After every two levels of play the level graphics, background and enemies completely change, giving this game unparalleled variety. Hocus Pocus is a action platform game, with exciting puzzles built into each level's structure.

Hocus Pocus features

Sound Support

System requirements

To order Hocus Pocus, call 1-800-GAME-123 after June 1st, or mail a check or money order for $24.95 (plus $5 S/H) to:

Apogee Software - (214) 271-1765
P.O. Box 496389
Garland, TX 75049

Shadow Warrior 3D by Apogee Software

Become a modern day ninja and keep to the shadows as you defeat your enemies. Use weapons like a shuriken, bow and arrow, rifle, grenade, and your hands as deadly weapons. You can also conjure up spells using the ancient ways of the ninja including fireballs and tornado's.

You can crawl around looking for hidden access panels, climb ladders, jump over hazards, duck an enemies shots or swim like a fish.

Your enemies are very intelligent, blocking shots, peeking out from behind corners or dropping from the ceiling at any time!

Shadow Warrior will be coming your way soon from Apogee Software.

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How to get Apogee's games online


Software Creations BBS was recently voted North America's most popular BBS by the readers of Boardwatch Magazine. It was also featured on the TV show Prime-Time Live in December 1993.

To download any Apogee game, call one of the three numbers listed below. Then, look in the free Apogee file section, #1. Type "F 1" to see a listing of the files. These are free downloads, and you do not need a membership.

   (508) 365-2359 -- 2400 baud                Over 80 lines
   (508) 368-7036 -- 9600-14.4K v.32bis       available, and
   (508) 368-4137 -- 14.4-16.8K HST/DS        growing fast!

2. America Online - Use the keyword "apogee" to go to our forum.

3. CompuServe - Type "go gamers" or "go ibmnew" to find Apogee's games.

4. Internet - Apogee's titles can be access via anonymous FTP at our official ftp site. The site is "ftp.uml.edu", and the directory they can be found in is (case important) "msdos/Games/Apogee".

5. Exec-PC - Apogee also has it's own free area on Exec-PC! Exec-PC can be reached by dialing 1-414-789-4360.