by Merit Software

Two years after the Cuban Missile Crisis, a full decade after the invention of the Hula-Hoop and one thousand, nine hundred and sixty three years after three wise men made the first documented UFO sighting, the world yet again teeters on the brink of disaster.

An unknown blackmailer has threated to loose 'nuclear destruction' upon the Earth unless the sum of one billion dollars is deposited in his Swiss checking account. Unable to raise the money in a timely fashion (the Earth having a great deal of its capital tied up in real estate), a desperate planet turns to its last, best hope for salvation.

That hope... is you.

You are United Nations Special Agent Mack Banner, and the situation you face is grave. If an unauthorized nation or individual has gained access to radioactive materials and produced an atomic bomb, it could threaten the non-proliferation treaty and destabilize the security of every nation on Earth, leading to nuclear war, extinction on a global scale and, subsequently, a real dip in the economy come Christmas.

You must locate and eliminate this threat...but how? Using sophisticated satellites, oceanographic charts and really big magnifying glasses (you know, like the one Sherlock Holmes uses), UN Intelligence Ops have come up with only one clue. Radioactive waste dumped into the sea has been traced back to a remote Pacific island. This island is owned by an eccentric Japanese businessmen with ties to several Communist nations...a man known by both Dalai Lama in Tibet and regular llamas in Peru as..Dr. Radiaki!

Hmmmm....seems like a good place to start..

The United Nations Security Council fears that Radiaki, a nuclear physicist, has built an atomic arsenal.

Unfortunately, what Radiaki has is far worse...

Launched from a torpedo tube toward the mysterious island, armed only with a corked baseball bat, you now face your toughest assignment yet...the infiltration of The Fortress of Dr. Radiaki. Are you man enough to discover its secrets? And if so, are you strong enough to survive them?

Product features:

The Fortress of Dr. Radiaki is a thrilling adventure mixing carnage with a cutting edge sense of humor. You will confront scores of different adversaries including sword-wielding Samurai, stealthy Ninja warriors, robots with toasters for heads, mutated alligators and many more. You must use all your wits to find your way through the cavernous fortress and defeat the Machiavellian designs of the horribly deformed Dr. Radiaki.

The Fortress of Dr. Radiaki is a landmark in computer games. You are free to move in any direction and blast anything that tries to do the same in this virtual reality, 3-D world. Backgrounds are rendered on the fly and unbelievably detailed characters move smoothly through the labyrinth. Enter the Fortress at your own may never be the same again!

Radiaki will sell $69.95 and be available at all major software retail stores and computer superstores.

Contact Merit Software at 214-385-2353 for details.