Nerves of Steel

Do you have the balls of brass needed to play "NERVES OF STEEL?"

"Once you hit "enter," the only way out is to face the terror!

Southeast Asia (May 17, 1999) -- (Episode One: The Iron Triangle) Combined Southeast Asian forces have formed the most lethal army ever known to man. Their goal is simple: they want to "purify" the world. They will stop at nothing. Only you can stop them. Do you have the guts? Do you have the nuts? Do you have the Nerves of Steel?

Merit Studios, publishers of a bold new generation of multimedia games like The Fortress of Dr. Radiaki, Harvester, CyberJudas and Fighter Wing today announced the November release of its new psycho-crazy thriller, Nerves of Steel.

The action-packed tale begins sometime in the near future. From a super- secret underground complex called the "Iron Triangle," the wicked regime of Kim Dung Moon begins pushing its agenda of world-wide indoctrination, called the "purification."

The race to slam the door shut on this satanic subterranean scheming starts the moment you hit "enter." And it doesn't end until somebody goes down.

You are the "Tunnel Rat." A futuristic digital warrior and one of the most elite fighting mortals ever born. You've been sent by the "Americas" to stop Dung before he dirties your laundry.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (and you have no choice), is to seek out and destroy the enemy by infiltrating the compound while gathering all the intelligence you can. If you happen to kill a few thousand losers along the way, so be it!!

But, there's a slight problem. Your "contact" has betrayed you. Your ass is grass and Dung is a herbicide. PANIC TIME! You're captured by Dung and things begin to stink to high hell.

Your violent mission to outwit the enemy and save humanity is played out amidst stunning DOOM"-style 3-D scenery and floors, ceilings and stairs with true up-and-down motion.

You'll eliminate your nasty opponents with a variety of death-dealing weaponry including fiery pistols, rat-a-tat-tat machine guns, exploding grenades and futuristic cellular micro-disrupters.

The good-versus-evil quest takes you through four hostile compounds en route to the evil Dung. Unique maps insure replay-ability, and increase in size as play continues for heightened challenge.

The enemies' built-in artificial intelligence effect guarantees multiple possibilities during game play, so the unexpected abounds throughout.

Nerves of Steel will be available at leading distributors and resellers on PC disks and CD-ROM in November, 1994, and will carry a suggested retail price of $39.95.