Coin-Op Arcade

Reviewed by Nathan Cochrane

Suzuka 8 Hours must be one of the most highly played and sophisticated motorcycle racing simulators to appear in an arcade ever. The feeling as you mount the bike and hug it's polish belly with your cramped legs is that it can't get any more real and still remain safe.

Slide through hairpin turns and wheel around obstacles and other players, or receive a bump in return, just make it to the finish line first. A thumping soundtrack and jamming tunes grind in the back of your mind as you skid around the course and power through the track.

Now with the added playability of a six player option, you can experience all the thrills and gut-wrenching disappointment with five of your closest opponents. Exchange greetings as you kick them off their bike, or overtake at high speed. Enjoy watching the looks of disappointment on their faces as you thunder across the line to steal first position in the final stretch.

If you thought two-player Suzuka was cool, then hold onto your kidney belt, strap on your helmet and slap on those gloves, because six-way fun is going to blow your mind.

This review is Copyright (C) 1994 by Nathan Cochran for Game Bytes Magazine. All rights reserved.