Want to write for Game Bytes?

Just a quick note to all who would like to participate in Game Bytes but really aren't the reviewing type or don't have anything to review:

We would still very much like to expand our coverage to include articles that go beyond just reviews. Obviously we're trying to do this with Interviews . We would like to see other articles submitted to be published like, hints, tips, walkthrus, gaming observations, essays (related to gaming), OS/2 notes (again), hardware notes, compatibility tricks, etc., etc., ad nauseum. The mind boggles. There are lots of ways to contribute and make Game Bytes even much better. I would like to make Computer Gaming World, Strategy Plus, really take notice of what this grassroots effort has been able to do. With your help, we can really shake them up.

Keep your letters coming in too. We don't hear from enough of you. We want to hear what you like about the magazine, what you don't like, specific gaming questions, questions for the software companies, and the like.

There's another type of article we would like to start publishing. There are a LOT of really good strategy games out there, many of which we have already reviewed. What we HAVEN'T published yet are strategic tips on how to play different ways and win. For example, what are some strategic successes of Civilization, The Lost Admiral, The Perfect General, etc? What are the best strategies for competing in Global Conquest with two players? Also, we would like to post notes about modem connections, tips on how to make a painless connect, etc.

Another column we would like to start, if there is enough interest, is a section where gamers who want an online opponent in their area can post their name, phone number, address, game type, etc.. Many in the country/world enjoy the human competition, yet can't find an opponent. We would be glad to be a "pinboard" for those players looking for other players. Let me know what you think about this.

Another type of article we would like to start is an "Oldies, but Goldies" section. Many gamers still enjoy the hobby a great deal by still playing the older games, harder to find sometimes, and we would all benefit if we knew more about them. It's a good way for you to participate in the magazine too, if you don't have a lot of cash and can't buy every 50 dollar game that catches your fancy. A section for the older, but quality games, would be useful, I think.

Finally, we are also wanting to publish a small cross-section of the video cartridge games that really shouldn't be missed. Many computer gamers also have a console (or two!) and enjoy both platforms. There are some amazing titles out there for the SNES and the Genesis and they deserve a look now and then too. Street Fighter 2, Castlevania 4, NHLPA Hockey, and Tazmania are a few of those that fit well into Game Bytes. Let's hear about them.

Well, I've rambled on enough for now. Let me know what you think about these ideas. I'll repost this article now and then for those who miss it if it scrolls off too fast.

Once again, thanks to all who make Game Bytes the best gaming tool there is!