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ALIOTTA: The Idealistic Reaction against Science. (E.T. from Italian. 1914.)
BARTH: Die Philosophie der Geschichte als Sociologie. 1897.
BERGSON: La Philosophie française. 1915.
BOUTROUX: Philosophie en France depuis 1867. Report to Congress of Philosophy given in the Revue de Métaphysique et de Morale. 1908.
La Philosophie: an Essay in the volume of collected Essays entitled: Un Demi-Siècle de la Civilisation française. 1870- 1915. Pp. 25-48. (Paris: Hachette. 1916.)
DWELSHAUVERS: La Psychologie française contemporaine. 1920.
FAGUET: Dix-Neuvième Siècle. 1887.
Politiques et Moralistes du XIXe Siècle. 1881.
FERRAZ: Etudes sur la Philosophie en France au XIXe Siècle. 3 vols. 1882-9.
It is interesting to notice the triple division adopted by Ferraz:
  1. Socialism (under which heading he also groups Naturalism and Positivism).
  2. Traditionalism (Ultramontanism).
  3. Spiritualism (together with Liberalism).
FISCHER: Geschichte der neuern Philosophie. 9 vols.
FOUILLÉE: Histoire de la Philosophie, Latest Edition, last Chapter.
Le Mouvement idéaliste et la Réaction contre la Science positive. 1896.
La Pensée et les nouvelles Ecoles anti-intellectualistes. 1912.
HÖFFDING: Modern Philosophers. (E.T. from Danish. 1915.)
LÉVY-BRUHL: Modern Philosophy in France. Chicago, 1899.
MERZ: History of European Thought in the Nineteenth Century. 4 vols.
A great work. Very comprehensive, particularly for German and British thought.
PARODI: La Philosophie contemporaine en France. 1919.
An excellent treatment of the development from 1890 onwards by a French thinker. ("Crowned" by Académie.)
RAVAISSON: Rapport sur la Philosophie en France au XIXe Siècle. 1867. (Second Edition, 1889.)
This has become an acknowledged classic.
RENOUVIER: Philosophie analytique de l'Histoire. (Vol. IV. latest sections.) 1897.
RUGGIERO: Modern Philosophy. 1912. (E.T. from Italian. 1921.)
Gives a stimulating account of German, French, Anglo- American and Italian thought.
STEBBING: Pragmatism and French Voluntarism. 1914.
TAINE: Les Philosophes français du XIXe Siècle. 1857.
TURQUET-MILNES, G.: Some Modern French Writers: A Study in Bergsonism. 1921.
Deals mainly with literary figures-e.g., Barres, Péguy, France, Bourget, Claudel.
VILLA: Contemporary Psychology. (E.T. from Italian. 1903.)
L'Idealismo moderno. 1905.
WEBER: Histoire de la Philosophie européenne. (Eighth Edition, 1914.)

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The article contributed by Ribot to Mind in 1877 is worthy of notice, while much light is thrown on the historical development by articles in the current periodicals cited on p. 338, especially in the Revue philosophique and the Revue de Métaphysique et de Morale.

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