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Last updated May 11, 2002.


Recommended Sites:

Horagai.com (English & Japanese)



The Scriptorium - Kobo Abe (English)



j-lit.org (English)





Abe Kôbô kaidoku kôbô (Japanese)




Abe Kôbô kaidoku (Japanese)




Additional Sites:











Katô Kôichi's extensive website covering not only Abe, but also Ishikawa Jun (Abe's mentor) and other of Abe's contemporaries as well as sections on science fiction and more recent authors such as Murakami Haruki. Contains interviews, photos, and news. Unfortunately the English version of the page is much more limted than the Japanese version, and does not seem to have been substantially updated for several years.


Briefly introduces Abe and all of his major translated novels. Provides a unique reading of Abe's works through the lens of Italo Calvino's Six Memos for the Next Millennium.Worth a visit.


A non-profit site that serves largely as a portal to Amazon.com, with proceeds used to purchase translations of Japanese literature for public libraries in the U.S.. While still in its earliest stages of development it aspires to become an online encyclopedia of Japanese literature as well as a fund-raising site. At present there are only short introductory pieces for Abe Kobo and Murakami Haruki. Not much content, but the cause is good.,



A fairly extensive and frequently updated site that provides information on the author and his works, as well as interpretive essays (kansôbun) on the works by the author of the page.



Detailed discussion of Abe & several essays on his works. Includes also a chronology, a listing of all of Abe's paperback editions. Also provides annotated links to other Abe pages in Japanese.



Kobo Abe

A Page for Ernest - Abe Kobo

Abe Kobo Inter Ice Age 4

Bold Type: Ruminations on Abe Kobo's The Ruined Map

Mainichi Interactive: Abe Kobo

Abe Kobo: Writing from Nowhere

Kobo Abe: Modernity and Isolation in a Changing Japan

Abe Kobo