September 23, 2001

December 28, 2001

March 24, 2002

The PUBLIC POETRY PROJECT (PPP) seeks to move away from a model of poetics reliant upon a notion of the solitary, laboring, sometimes melancholic poet, alone in her/his garret; to one of an interactive, socially constructed and conscious poetics based upon and in human connection and site specificity. PPP concerns itself with a sense of the "in-between"--spaces which resist neat classification, and "the collaborative"--writing, which itself acts as a bridge between its creators, between its creators and audience(s).
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April 27, 2002

El automóvil gris
(The Grey Automobile)

Cinematic poem and subtitles

October 27, 2001

This web site is the August 25, 2002 installation of the PUBLIC POETRY PROJECT
(web designer Pat McGonigle, PPP coordinator Amy Carroll).
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