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I went to UNC. It was alright.

My past schedules, in reverse chronological order:

2003 Spring

Comp 96--Computers and Society
Germ 90--Society and Culture of Postwar Germany
Germ 171--Middle High German
Ling 98--honors thesis
Spanish 15--Beginning Spanish for Adv. Students

2002 Fall

Chinese 1
Classic 21--The Romans
Exercise and Conditioning
History 18--The World Since 1945
Ling 97--independent reading for my honors thesis
Spanish 14--Beginning Spanish for Adv. Students

2002 Summer (in Heidelberg):

Schreiben einer formalen Grammatik (Writing a Formal Grammar)
Introduction to Speech Recognition
Flexion und Wortbildung des Deutschen (German Morphology)
Informatik II--Technische Informatik (Computer Organization)

2001-2002 Winter (in Heidelberg):

Einführung in die Computerlinguistik (Introduction to Computational Linguistics)
Einführung in die deutsche Grammatik (Introduction to German Grammar)
Mild kontext-sensitive Sprachen (Mildly Context-Sensitive Languages)
Polnish I (Polish)
Soziolinguistik des Deutschen: Varietäten (Sociolinguistics of German: Varieties)

2001 Spring:

Comp 121--Data Structures
French 15--Beginning French for Adv. Students
German 21--Intro to German Literature
German 22--Language and Culture
Ling 60--Phonology

2000 Fall:

Comp 114--Foundation of Programming
French 14--Beginning French for Adv. Students
German 11--Conversation and Composition
Ling 101--Historical and Comparative Linguistics
Ling 130--Syntax

2000 Summer Session II:

German 4

2000 Summer Session I:

German 3
Wmst 50--Intro to Women's Studies

2000 Spring:

German 2
Math 83--Differential Equations
Phil 35--Language and Communication
Phys 28--Modern Physics
Phys 103--Classical Mechanics

1999 Fall:

Engl 29--Types of Literature: Drama and Epic
German 1
Ling 30--Introduction to Language
Phys 27--Electricity and Magnetism
Roml 06--Orality and Literacy in the Information Age

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