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27 February 2002Black Forest and birthday
15 February 2002Where've I been?
14 January 2002Very busy - finals soon!
23 December 2001Bored now
21 December 2001Break
17 December 2001Euros
12 December 2001Progress!
11 December 2001You can't escape Christmas commercialism or smoking
24 November 2001Mannheim
23 November 2001München onwards
16 November 2001Internationales Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg
10 November 2001Köln
9 November 2001Chores
27 October 2001Halloween?!? Where'd October go?
22 October 2001Maybe 24 hour clocks aren't so bad
17 October 2001Dubbing should be banned
16 October 2001Biking in Alsace and start of classes
30 September 2001Heidelberger Herbst
26 September 2001Excursion to Schwetzingen and Speyer
23 September 2001Freiburg for real
18 September 2001A whole day with no rain!
17 September 2001You know it's a bad sign when the kids have the galoshes
6 September 2001Arrived in one piece

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