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A whole day with no rain!

18 September 2001

It hasn't rained the whole day! There was sunshine for more than 30 minutes! It's all supposed to be gone, by tomorrow, too. Sigh.

After going to Strasbourg and deciding that I want to keep up with the French I've learned, I need to figure out how to go about it. I've started exploring bookstores around here and I've found lots of Langenscheidt English-other dictionaries. I was afraid it was going to be very difficult or expensive to get an English-French dictionary, but it won't be too bad. If I could just find a French grammar book that isn't in German, since the examples don't help me much.

At the train station last week, I bought a copy of Me Talk Pretty One Day which is hysterically funny in sections. I thought it would make good train reading, but it turned out that it was too funny and I think I drove the other people in my car crazy by laughing too much. His descriptions of bumbling around the small French town not knowing any French and of his attempts to learn and speak French are quite entertaining. I would recommend it.

A number of people from my class are going to see A.I. tonight, but since I've already seen it, I'm going to a meeting with the USA/Canada coordinator to ask her where to buy stuff like a card table. Our class was going to watch Der Himmel über Berlin (Wings of Desire) tonight and I was going to go even though I've seen it three times, but it got moved to Thursday, so off to ask questions.

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