October 23, 2007

Some more photographs

I still can't say yet exactly what's happening with my scanning project yet, unfortunately, though it's heading along the lines of good news at this stage. In the meantime, here's some more photographs to keep everyone occupied and believing that I'm really alive still at Penn State. Really. Anyway, here they are:

  1. There's this really nice statue outside the Business Building at Penn State.

    I was rather taken aback by this statue outside the Smeal College of Business. The building itself uses a lot of glass windows, and methinks is quite pretty in places.

  2. There is some random fountain, outside the Forum Building.

  3. I was lucky to catch the sunset outside Sheetz, on North Atherton Street, State College, one evening.

    State College and University Park are very fortunate to have some very pretty sunsets through the year, sun or snow. Rain, too -- sometimes.

  4. Notice something about the bookshelf labels?

    I was at the local Barnes & Noble in State College, and the person with me and I noticed that Love & Sex and Sexuality were both next to Addiction/Recovery.

    Oops, maybe?

Anyway, that's probably enough for now. And I'm still alive. Yay! More photographs later!

September 26, 2007

Back already

Sometimes I wonder if I do forget that I'm back in the United States. Proof that I know I am, though:

  1. The first reason is that I visted Stanford University.
  2. I also visited Tempe, Arizona, which is incidentally one of Lower Hutt's sister cities. So here's a random photograph from Tempe.

I'll put up some more photographs soon, and hopefully I'm allowed to make some announcements on what I'm doing next for my book scanning work.


September 14, 2007

All together now...

... it's that time again, kids!

Vote early, and vote often! (Whomever you vote for doesn't bother me that much. And no, I'm not saying vote multiple times and get yourself done for electoral fraud. I hear it's not particularly nice to get caught doing that.)

August 27, 2007

Classes starting!

Well, I'm back at Penn State University Park. Things are going quite well, mostly. I've visited family in San Francisco, visited friends in Tempe, I've got my luggage and summer storage (and thus room) somewhat re-unpacked (well, just unpacked for the summer storage), I've checked that the Ethernet socket in my room is obviously now working, my US phone numbers now work sort of properly (or, they just bearably work), I've had pre-semester meetings with supervisors, I've remembered how to catch buses around here, I've remembered how to use the dining halls and the associated meal plans, I'm finding out my favourite bus stop has been removed in favour of a bigger one in a less useful (to me) spot, I'm trying to remember to call home, and I'm tired after all of that (and then some things I'm not going to tell in a public diary). I'm helping with some teaching and research this term, among the big changes about to happen in my life (the other one I'll admit to here is being starting to enjoy the US university style).

I guess that's the end of my winter vacation in New Zealand, then. Or was that my summer vacation?

July 17, 2007

Captions without pictures

OK, Time managed to do what I initially didn't think (easily) possible -- write about lolcats (and I Can Has Cheezburger?) without really showing one (not counting the one at the top of the online version of the article, which doesn't appear to me to be an example, and if it actually is, it's not as funny as other lolcats out there).

(Tonight, someone mentioned to me about the ICANN Has Cheezburger! one. Which reminded me, as I spotted at least one InternetNZ person in the photo and the photo credit to a InternetNZ I know that it's AGM time, once again. Pity I'll be in Dunedin on the night. Yay for proxies!)

July 15, 2007

Kiwi losers (uh, spammers) not to buy scooters from

OK, now and again I get advertisements sent to me, and I just know it can't be permission marketing, because they're not often addresses I give permission to send me crap at. (Yes, I know they're not the first people to try this.)

So, when a New Zealand outfit that shall remain nameless within the .co.nz domain with the words 'me' and 'bike' in it (not in that order) send me spam from a United States-based IP address (and upstream appear from that that they may be sending it from a Chinese IP address), I'm suspicious about them.

I'd like to give them benefit of the doubt, but wouldn't using a New Zealand Internet provider instead of a Chinese one be cheaper? It does sound like someone's got something to hide. (On balance, if they are indeed using a private computer of theirs to send the mail, dialup to China is surely expensive. They could be using a VPN setup, but then the question is why bother?) Some further analysis of the domain shows they appear to be using the same provider for their mailout as they are for their domain's website, mailserver and nameserver, so the immediately preceding IP address can be explained, but not the Chinese IP address they appeared to use upstream, nor that I can't find that I've ever communicated with this outfit before.)

So if you get an advertisement to buy scooters imploring you to save on carbon emissions and all that emotive stuff to get you to buy, don't do it from these losers. Well, guys -- keeping your computers on sending this spam is helping produce carbon emissions.

Heck, even the whois points to a marketing company. Guess they haven't done their homework.

The new anti-spam law could not come sooner. Don't buy the scooters from these losers -- don't encourage them to send spam.

(And a final note to the company in question: don't spam me again.)

July 7, 2007

A busy life, but another Project Gutenberg book is now finished!

Yes, it would appear that the first Māori language text to appear on PG has appeared. Yay!

Now available in glorious markup on Project Gutenberg is Hinemoa: with notes and vocabulary. The S27(1) site also has some nice goodies in its Hinemoa section that might be worth checking out, too.

After a really interesting lesson in the macronisation of Māori over time, it's been great to finally, with the help of DP (plus some very helpful advice from Winifred Bauer at VUW), take part in getting this on to PG. The PG upload, it may be worth noting, preserves the text as published, with no corrections made; there is an 'unofficial' version of sorts, if this is required; see my S27(1) site's Hinemoa section for more details about that.

(By the way, life has been busy lately. If you don't know already why I haven't done much in the way of the diary for a while, you will soon know why, once I can say officially what's happening.)

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