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What ever happened to being straight up about something?

One of the joys of reading the New York Times on occasion is the odd feature that provokes my attention, such as one on religion being below the surface on websites. On a basic level, I don't have a problem with people using other website content as a drawcard, but I also don't see the problem with people being upfront about their religious motives. At least people can browse one's content keeping their (hopefully honest and well meant) spiritual/religious motives in mind. Then everyone is hopefully happy... or not.

Other stuff I saw on the visit was the latest list of the United States' Iraq war dead. It reminds me of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode (no time to search for it, sorry) where Captain Sisko gives up reading the list of the latest Starfleet dead in the Dominion War. Ick.

On another subject, I think I'll maintain both the Blosxom and Movable Type versions of my/this diary; I'll probably rename the other to something like tph, Blosxom edition, I suppose.


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