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Cute... and mucky... and leaky...

Awwwwww... stories of diaries of love and love beyond death are always sooooo cute...

Continuing in the muck of education-related stories from the New York Times, at another university in the US, they're trying to do anything for a few more dollars. Yikes. I wonder if VUW would try this one? (I'd say it's unlikely though, as they're filling international student places like crazy, it would seem.) And as for muck itself, seems like New York schools have, uh, toilet [quality] problems.

[Listening to: Candy - Mandy Moore - I Wanna Be With You (03:55)]

At least they haven't got, shock horror, their monopolistic IP leaking and floating around on the Internet... but then, it's only Microsoft's closely guarded Windows code. Or so they claim. On the other hand, what did they expect, letting selected customers look at the code? It was bound to come out eventually. From the BBC write up:

Hackers with the code could exploit the operating system and access machines running Windows.

Exploit? Sure, but open source stuff does open its code and by logic assumes that sorta thing would happen... and I think it strengthens it. However, Windows is a commercial product and all that. Still...

Cute, mucky and leaky. I like it. Now, for some appropriate music...

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