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General madness

On top of starting a paper at VUW, there was some excitement (uh, madness) to be had. The results of the excitement might be posted later in the week. I'm just creating some vapourware-type hype right now.

[Listening to: Everywhere - Michelle Branch - The Spirit Room (03:36)]

In other madness, however, a lecture I randomly (or not so randomly) turned up to was interrupted by a lecturer to send vibes to some certain about-to-win-everything-they-were-nominated-for Academy Award nominees in Los Angeles. Seeing other New Zealanders nominated was also just as amusing in all the pre-prizegiving craziness. Luckily, the fun was spread around with at least one other crazy set of 'awards' being handed out. Looks like I will have to watch the late news on television to look out for apparently witty Billy Crystal quotes.

[Listening to: If Only She Knew - Michelle Branch - The Spirit Room (04:19)]

I must also stop listening to music tonight. Sleep is becoming so tempting right now...


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