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Wrestling spammers (and three electoral agencies)

Time for another poke at various news items, kids! To kick things off, everyone seems to be reporting an Irish college student catching a spammer in the act, including the usual comments from Slashdot users, not to mention . The 'teeth' data destruction method on the USB storage key started becoming a bit disturbing when the spammer also tried to use some of his spirit on one of the police helping out with arresting him.

Maybe wrestling with three electoral agencies in NZ rather than one spammer is harder work, though. Or maybe wrestling with two NZ universities is more tiring? I wonder if trying to kill off 218 middle schools in New York City compares, though, especially in light of the NZ intermediates and middle schools having faced the 'network review' process or living the hell.

On an aside, one reason not to plagiarise is that you find you have to 'retire'.


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