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April 28, 2004

Photos of Prebble

There's an interesting 1983 photo of Richard Prebble at the New Zealand Herald right now.

And there's possibly more jobs for Whenuapai, and lots more for Auckland Grammar. Aucklanders... how big will it all get? :)

On the bright side, despite it being Microsoft, looks like there's going to be more New Zealand language packs for Windows and Office. Useful. Last year's macron input drivers have proved rather useful for my study.

April 27, 2004

Steamy essays

It's not just my envelopes getting cooked. The draft essay I just printed got steamed, too. I must check this out, as it really doesn't sound healthy.

I'm sure I've been storing the paper properly, so I'm not sure what could be causing this. I'll have a closer look at the driver options. Maybe there's something there, perhaps it's the weather or maybe it was me trying to use economy mode. Weird.

[Listening to: Still In Love -- Brooke Fraser -- What To Do With Daylight (04:28)]

April 26, 2004

It's official

It's official, sadly. At least for Bruce Simpson, perhaps. Things get murky in certain situations. On the bright side, his Aardvark column still seems to be running, despite the monetary 'issues' he's been having.

All the best, Bruce. Shouldn't have happened to such a person like you.

Back at school

Back at school today, for the second half of the trimester.

April 24, 2004

Relenting on Java

I've just relented and downloaded the Sun Java VM. The installer seems better than last time, but I can't get it to install with success on Mozilla Firefox. It overrode the Microsoft Java VM's stuff, however, it seems, which breaks some programs, but lets others work. Give and take, I suppose.

Politicians on television?

What? Our parliamentarians might finally get a television channel screening parliamentary stuff that they've always wanted? The long-running radio broadcasts are already very enlightening... :)

In other New Zealand Herald articles, there's worries from Monte Cassino veterans that they might not be able to go, and speculation on what Mossad might want in NZ.

Cute cartoons

Here's a cool Internet safety site.

InternetNZ council

I'm at another InternetNZ council meeting right now.

April 23, 2004

Hot and steamy envelopes, printed especially for you!

I've just tried the envelope function on the laser printer, and let's just say the envelopes seemed to come out happily, but it was a bit of a steamy affair. Somehow I don't think this is supposed to happen and, one 09 toll call later (no 0800 number, alas), the manufacturer's support centre doesn't seem to, either.

[Listening to: Arithmetic -- Brooke Fraser -- What To Do With Daylight (04:02)]

Of course, the call had to become a sales pitch for the vendor's own 'approved' paper. Fat chance I'd buy the stuff if it's available in boxes of ten reams each. And without knowing the prices, I'd bet the 'approved' envelopes are priced well enough to gouge the eyeballs of the average consumer out.

Surely New Zealand Post's otherwise evil-looking Postage Included envelopes should be fine for this sort of exercise?

I must have done something to make it odd. I really don't like blaming other people. At least I have something to print my assignments with.

[Listening to: Still in Love -- Brooke Fraser -- What To Do With Daylight (04:28)]

April 21, 2004

I want!

I want Post-it notes and balloons so I can fill up a room! Now! :)

While you were away...

With greta.electric.gen.nz now hopefully more stable, time to check out more news stories!

Looking at InternetNZ-related things, some people are really unrepentant when it comes to saying 'I did nothing wrong' (or something like it). And if only people would be more up front about their wireless Internet coverage -- meanwhile, across Auckland, looks like Pitcairn Island is a British territory -- for now.

On the other side of the Pacific Ocean, the produces of The Simpsons seem to have problems with their actors' contracts.

Oh well. Some fun stuff appears to have happened while the server was needing some taking care of. :)

April 16, 2004

greta.electric.gen.nz back -- for now

The first good news: greta.electric.gen.nz is back up once again. The 'bad' news: greta.electric.gen.nz is going back down once again. The second batch of good news: the reason for the bad news is that greta.electric.gen.nz is scheduled for a hardware upgrade. :)

April 11, 2004


The server greta.electric.gen.nz is currently doing stuff. Please stand by. :)

April 10, 2004

Buried treasure challenge

Here's a challenge: try to find meeting agendas for the Hutt City Council -- without using Google or some other search engine.

A Tale of Two David Farrars

Thoughts about biometric passports (and my concerns about mistaken identity) reminded me about a 1947 movie, Black Narcissus, that I saw the opening for on TVNZ yesterday. Apart from dying in 1995, I just don't think the David Farrar they hired is the same David Farrar that I know. :)

Hansard fun

If only someone would actually table a large chocolate egg in Parliament...

With lots of fat, no less, it would seem.

April 7, 2004

Wrestling spammers (and three electoral agencies)

Time for another poke at various news items, kids! To kick things off, everyone seems to be reporting an Irish college student catching a spammer in the act, including the usual comments from Slashdot users, not to mention . The 'teeth' data destruction method on the USB storage key started becoming a bit disturbing when the spammer also tried to use some of his spirit on one of the police helping out with arresting him.

Maybe wrestling with three electoral agencies in NZ rather than one spammer is harder work, though. Or maybe wrestling with two NZ universities is more tiring? I wonder if trying to kill off 218 middle schools in New York City compares, though, especially in light of the NZ intermediates and middle schools having faced the 'network review' process or living the hell.

On an aside, one reason not to plagiarise is that you find you have to 'retire'.

April 5, 2004

There it goes...

Oh well, my chances for a flight on Concorde have disappeared... :(

At least there's always a chance I could go see one in Scotland, though, especially when Edinburgh is one of the places in the world I'd love to visit at some stage. :)

April 4, 2004

Running stamps; more on e-government

It would appear around Lower Hutt it is nigh on impossible to get 5 cent postage stamps at the moment. I went to one post office and an agency yesterday, and the consensus appeared to be unless I was in for some exercise on my bicycle to find a dairy that happens to have them, I'm asking for a boring afternoon. Looks like I'll need to hope I don't post any domestic letters or postcards in the next day or so. So much for New Zealand Post's planning. Even the 1991 rate increase wasn't so insane.

On the subject of insanity, yesterday's critique on the NT's postal vote efforts was a bit harsh, on reflection. Just maybe they could have tried printing out the form once they'd posted it. Oh well, there's always next time. :)

April 3, 2004

Low resolution e-government

Thought e-government couldn't sink any lower? Try the NT, where their electoral office seems to have for some time liked providing postal vote application forms in GIF format. That's already bad enough (at least it's difficult to catch worms off a GIF file), when you find that this said postal vote application form and the form's instructions look great on screen, but being really low resolution GIF files, they're unreadable and (definitely) unfaxable when printed. At least an e-mail asking for a PDF-based form appeared to work. This contrasts with NZ, where the authorities in the last general election let one skip the paper-based application process altogether and download ballot forms. Groovy.

April 2, 2004

Michael King

Too soon, too soon... :(

(By the way, I'm at an InternetNZ meeting on spam right now.)