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August 29, 2004

Election time!

Yay! In the last half or quarter of an hour or so: a certain Australian prime minister has just got around to announcing that he's calling a general election.

Excellent! This ought to be the best electoral fun I've had in years. Interestingly, 9 October is also the same day for local council and DHB elections here in NZ. At least they're postal vote elections.

August 26, 2004

Hamish Carter and Bevan Docherty

Gold and silver in the men's Olympic triathlon. Enough said.

August 23, 2004

Unicode and EndNote

Damn! I can't do macrons for Māori in EndNote!

This sucks. Especially when most of the titles in the reference list I'm building right now use common Māori words.

[Listening to: Everywhere -- Michelle Branch -- The Spirit Room (03:36)]

On the subject of Unicode, I'm finding that a lot of other programs, such as many Jabber clients, don't like the Windows 'New Zealand Māori Keyboard Definition'. Either the macron input is ignored, or if I even try to paste in a macron, it's ignored. This from some programs that are claiming they have Unicode support, too. However, I don't know all of the ins and outs of Unicode, so I can't offer solutions just yet. :(

Update, 12.15: Yes, I'm using EndNote 7. But I don't expect VUW to bother getting a more recent volume licence unless someone important who needs Unicode support raises a stink about it. Oh well. The EndNote lot claim that a certain SP2 for a certain OS doesn't exactly like their latest offering, anyway.

August 18, 2004


Ah, finally. The weather in Wellington and Lower Hutt suits my wardrobe! Unfortunately, it isn't the happiest of circumstances in which to be please I am able to dress well.

Pity I may have trouble getting home from school this afternoon, though.

Ironically, Linda Clark on National Radio played a certain Crowded House song -- yes, it was Weather With You -- during her show after a report on people waiting at the Wellington airport.

Oh, that and my Blosxom incarnation of this diary has been comment spammed. Grumble. I've just deleted some of the comments. Fortunately there weren't too many comments to delete, and I've now disabled comments. (On that subject, TypeKey still isn't functioning here properly yet, but I've left comments enabled so at least with the stories in this incarnation you can leave a message. Not that a lot of people have done so. But I'm not worried.)

Windows XP Service Pack 2

Just finished installing Microsoft Windows XP SP2 over the last three days. No problems yet, as I am still able to access network shares and the like so far with minimal reconfiguration, with existing settings and with the new defaults.

[Listening to: I Never Loved You Anyway -- The Corrs -- Best of the Corrs [Australia Bonus Track] (03:54)]

August 14, 2004

R2 feed oddness

Is it me, or are R2's live television streams slightly mixed up? Unless I'm mistaken, the Māori Television modem feed is carrying TVNZ stuff instead, and even has better reception than the 'right' stream for the TVNZ stuff.


Still, it's great right now. They're showing a documentary on Elvis, which is somewhat relevant to what I'm essaying about at the moment for EDUC 229.

August 11, 2004

Theme songs

Being forced to listen to the Monty Python theme song being played by a really weird brass band in VUW's main quadrangle because you are in a nearby room in a neighbouring building with no chance to escape is torture. Then when the band plays Side By Side, you go crazy.

Now it's time for more torture. It's SRC time again. Why does my usual study room have to be so noisy?

August 7, 2004

John Walker: modest stamp of a golden boy

Haven't posted any links to New Zealand Herald stories lately, so here's a good interview with John Walker and another on wearing Muslim face veils.

(If only Stuff allowed persistent, I might link to them. Likewise, other sites such as TVNZ's seem to go through enough changes that I can't be sure they'll retain stories. At least on their last change they appear to have sort of done so.)

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Random stuff

First, I want a Bluetooth rifle. Second, I don't want to download a whole new installer every time I hear of more vulnerabilities in Firefox. Third, the latest medicinal spam offers I get are for codeine.

On yeah, and ACE seem to think they're finally going to let themselves disappear into the University of Auckland. Here's wondering if it will actually happen properly, now that it's approved, from (apparently) 1 September. In the meantime the merger between WCE and VUW still wanders along in the consultation process.

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