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October 29, 2004

InternetNZ council meeting today

Yup, I'm at another InternetNZ council meeting. Thing of interest today to me are some applications at the tail end of the meeting.


Finally! My local DHB posted election results yesterday.

October 27, 2004

Forced charging

In the small crazy things in life, today the VUW SCS posted a message on the VUW student portal website entitled Streaming media over the Internet is chargeable:

Please be aware that viewing streamed media while browsing the Internet is chargeable traffic and is being captured and billed to students who use this service. It is the students' responsibility to monitor their own Internet traffic and refunds will not be given for streamed media[...]

Sure it's just a small point, but when some CyberCommons rooms have the default home page set to the (chargeable) XtraMSN home page, which currently has a hefty Flash file...

I've also had some continuing trouble being charged for library databases that don't like to go through EZproxy. I guess some things take time, like the outgoing e-mail issues.

Overall, the good thing is that things seem to be working, especially the wireless access in some locations. I wonder if I want to try doing PSYC 101 in the Quad?

October 23, 2004

Comment spam again

Yes, tph -- and thus everything else running off greta.electric.gen.nz (which includes my Jabber server) -- is currently suffering a comment spam maelstrom, once again. Grumble. There were somewhere between 40 and 60 spam messages/comments. (I'd give an exact count, but they were coming in fast enough to annoy me.)

Spammers: when will you realise you're losers for making people's lives (say, mine) harder just to sell stuff?

In other thoughts, I notice that it's mainly .info domain names that they seem to be using. Maybe it's due to the free .info domain names offers I've seen floating around the Internet lately. Argh.

On another thought, I really need to move stuff to the other box I have on this network to prevent some of the issues.

[Listening to: Jewel -- A Night Without Armor: Poems by Jewel]

October 20, 2004

United States terror list singles out New Zealand man


I wonder if the money transfer service lost a customer out of all of this?

Another moral of the story: the game's up when your local MP gets involved in such a ridiculous affair.

Update: I've posted the New Zealand Herald story to Stupid Security.

October 14, 2004

Spades are really something else

Dave [Tollner] calls a spade a shovel and luckily Territorians know what both a shovel and a spade look like... They appreciate that -- and I think that is one of the reasons they have supported Dave.

That was the also reelected CLP senator, Nigel Scullion, on page 013 of Monday's Northern Territory News.

October 8, 2004

Longer every day

No change on the overall win odds, but it's becoming less of a Solomon choice in Solomon: Davidson's on $1.60 today, while Tollner's now $2.00.

In other updates on yesterday's entry, DPF has put the Coalition at 60%, and a hung parliament at 35%. He also puts the ALP at 5% for a win.

Hmmm. Good thing I'm politically inactive, methinks.

October 7, 2004

Election too close to call (apparently)

In the 'gospel' according to Centrebet, as reported on page 003 of Monday's Northern Territory News, it looks like Solomon's going to be taken over by the ALP, but that the Coalition parties (Liberal, National and CLP, I recall) might win nationally.

I don't consider myself politically active as such and thus don't consider posting my views a good idea, but one thing for sure: I don't like close elections.

Incidentally, Centrebet's website has the ALP's Jim Davidson at $1.70 right now, versus the CLP's sitting member, David Tollner, at $1.90. Hmmm. Nationally, it's a bit more weird, though. $1.20 for the Coalition, and the ALP's way out at $4.00. Quite different from what the Northern Territory News reported on Monday, which was $1.60, even, $1.45 and $2.55 respectively for all four odds.

So, I'm not sure I want to guess who's going to win. Then again, it's been known for some time betting agencies' odds have been pretty good indicators of wins, even if the pollsters think otherwise. Any guesses for Saturday, anyone?

On another note, I don't think I want to comment in any way on the local government and district health board elections here in NZ. The turnout looks skewed, for a start.

October 2, 2004

Work, work, work...

I'll be dead for the next few weeks. Bear with me...

When I'm back, hopefully there'll be more photography up.