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January 23, 2006

Ever had a funny feeling...

...about the money paid for the flight you just missed?

January 20, 2006

Who'd threaten elderly relations for money, anyway?

It'd appear that some heartless individuals are forcing elderly family members to give them money. Losers.

Elsewhere: Google resists demand to reveal search terms ...as part of a government probe of online pornography.

January 17, 2006

Off to the murder house

Yeah, no prizes for guessing where I'm going this morning. And pity it's a user-pays murder house now that I'm over 18.

January 16, 2006

Leaks and new-ish methods


  • Perhaps this is another type of leak?
  • It's apparently the 'suck it and see' method: The number of people coming to New Zealand on temporary permits and later taking residency is on the rise, according to latest migration statistics. The "suck it and see" approach is leading to more successful settlement, says the Immigration Service.

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January 15, 2006

Hygiene, privacy and crystals

All right, a few links to pass this Sunday by...

  1. Hygiene: at least the parents in this case (so far, anyway) aren't blaming the early childhood education centre involved...

    Dr Brieseman said authorities considered closing the centre, but most of the exposure that was going to occur had already happened.

    The difficulty with a childcare centre was that preschoolers generally were not hygiene-conscious.

    I thought the last bit was a little obvious? But nothing a bit of teacher modelling of best practice can't at least attempt to correct, anyway.

  2. Privacy: AMERICAblog just bought General Wesley Clark's cell phone records for $89.95.


    Liberal, conservative or person-on-the-street American... it doesn't look good.

    Either way, nice tool for 'concerned' parents...

    (Spotted via David Farrar.)

  3. Crystals: Rakon could be the poster child for New Zealand business.

Back to the regularly-scheduled programming of women's studies- and Bear Committee satire/humour-related diary entries next week. I've had enough 'holiday', methinks.

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January 14, 2006

Segways are monkey bikes?

Or... Only in Australia?

January 11, 2006

Back from leave

Yeah, it's the bottom of a Qantas Airways inflight plastic cup.

Yup, I'm back from leave. May the fun of working on my ibiblio collections again this year soon begin! :)

January 5, 2006

Bear naming contest!


The Bear Committee (see http://greta.electric.gen.nz/~nikster/bearcom.html if you're not familiar) has decided to run a fun competition to name their newest bear cub minion/crony/ally that signed up over here. Answers please to either nikster@greta.electric.gen.nz or www.flickr.com/photos/ahkitj/82419215/ -- a prize of a Committee-endorsed lunch (bought from The Kiosk at VUW, or other Committee-approved establishment of course) with Nikster, Little Albert Kenby-Bear, new cub and their hēkeretari is on offer to the winner. If the names are good.

In order to help you select the best name, fourteen photos (taken with Tiny Albert Kenby-Bear, one of its brothers) is attached; [the] new cub is the white-furred bear with the blue scarf. Deadline for entries is when the bear's named. Which could be in the next five minutes, so you'd better hurry.

Good luck!

Bear hugs,
Nikster's hēkeretari (for Nikster, who's actually on holiday somewhere in Wellington).

NB: no shaggy fur from [the] new cub was lost in the shooting of the pictures. Just so you know; new cub wanted that mentioned.

[Selected photographs in full entry.]

A selection of the 14 photographs from Flickr:

  1. Bear naming contest! (1 of 14)
  2. Bear naming contest! (2 of 14)
  3. Bear naming contest! (3 of 14)
  4. Bear naming contest! (4 of 14)
  5. Bear naming contest! (8 of 14)
  6. Bear naming contest! (9 of 14)
  7. Bear naming contest! (12 of 14)

January 2, 2006

More of the same

  • I haven't travelled further than HK or Australia for some time, but I've noticed that payment receipts shops give out in HK tend to not blank or zero out some of your credit card's digits. Indeed, I've even had my name printed on them. That's not good if you tend to be someone who throws out (or loses) their receipts pretty rapidly and not hoard them until the statement comes in (as I've almost always been told to do).
  • Hong Kong has pretty fountains.
  • In Hung Hom, Kowloon, the SmarTone-Vodafone shop is, like the ship concreted in as a marketing gimmick, a really good landmark when you get lost.
  • Those advertorial-based LCDs on buses and trains get rather annoying for a while. At least the train operator with them has done the quiet cars thing where they at least mercifully turn off the speakers. But still leave them blasted screens in the carriages.

With some luck, I'll be back from leave soon.