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February 21, 2006

We don't know?

Apparently none of us know what Joan of Arc looks like. I hadn't thought it mattered, but hey... :)

February 17, 2006

North American schools' iPod usage

Older stuff out of the NYT, but nonetheless, something coming from the United States about using iPods in the classroom for podcasting. (Full referencing available on your friendly ProQuest licence. Or, page G4, Late East Coast Edition, 25 January, 2006, if you're lazy.)

Spending $50 to save $40,000

Yes, it's called 'a high school promising to pay pupils who don't wag this year $50'.

Apparently it's one possible way to save on throwing some of them in prison later on.

February 13, 2006

Uploads again

So now, faster upload speeds, if you want to pay more. Possibly not me at these prices, anyway.

February 9, 2006

Another H-31A inquiry

Apparently there was quite a problem with abortions in 1937 -- septic abortions at least, anyway; I've just scanned the Report of the Committee of Inquiry into the Various Aspects of the Problem of Abortion in New Zealand from H-31A, Volume 3, AJHR 1937.

Once I tidy up the scans I'll publish the link.

February 8, 2006

A start on broadband

But will the strong words follow through, though?

I could do with the upstream bandwidth. I can't be the only one that does uploads at home for reasons other than violating copyright.

February 7, 2006

Another sign of silliness

Signs I spend too much time in the SCM office now include my wishing I were back in the office, with a view like this of the library next door:

Here's a picture of the Rankine Brown Building at night.

And again!

Again, the Rankine Brown Building at night, but with a bit more exposure time on the camera.


February 4, 2006


Alas, not that sort of proposal. :( No, I put in my first conference paper/praxis proposal this week. This ought to turn out to be an interesting experience.

[Listening to: Little Blue Riding Hood -- Daws Butler; June Foray; Stan Freberg; Walter Schumann -- The Very Best of Stan Freberg (03:27)]

February 3, 2006

Hidden in an envelope: an upgrade notification

Yeah, it's that time of the century again, when your friendly university decides you can't have a race with your friends this year to see who can keep their student identification card the longest without replacement or loss. This time welcome to the world of RFID! :) Well, proximity cards, anyway.

That's right, time once again to revoke all of the cards in circulation.

In the meantime, finding out how to build your own proximity card cloner and then use it to actually clone a proximity card (or so the writer claims, anyway) ought to make for amusing reading.

February 2, 2006

Sherbert lemons

Good gracious, I'm sitting in the SCMA cabin listening to some random Microsoft Christian radio feed (I don't really have time to analyse the theology behind their playlist right now, so don't ask) and consuming sherbet lemons.

I think I have an obsession to sherbet lemons. I get the impression from my best friend, who introduced me to them while we both were at Cool Britannia on Taranaki Street recently, is regretting her decision to show me them. :)

[Listening to: Great Awakening -- 4Him -- Best Ones (04:48)]

The new advice medium?

That's medium as in media and in terms of online journals and diaries, as opposed to advice books. From One Woman's Words, it's some advice on pushy blokes -- which could basically be summed up as 'stay away'...