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April 20, 2006

Germany Agrees to Open Holocaust Archive

Also from the New York Times -- Germany Agrees to Open Holocaust Archive:

The accord ends a nasty diplomatic dispute between the United States and Germany. More important, officials at the Holocaust museum said, it will open the documents to historians and researchers, whose access has been blocked because of Germany's strict privacy laws.

"Sixty years after the end of the war, it's time," Arthur Berger, the Holocaust museum's senior adviser on external affairs, said after Ms. Zypries pledged that Germany would work with the United States to make the documents available. The 11-nation commission that oversees the archives is to meet on May 16 in Luxembourg.

Reading through, though, it appears the treaty under which the archive operates as part of the Red Cross will need some tough work on getting the signatories to agree to the changes. I hope it turns out not to be a difficult task; having the documents in the open will be a great step forward.

Google in China: The Big Disconnect

Via David Goldstein, something from NYT: Google in China: The Big Disconnect. David describes it as: what I reckon is an 8,000 word story that deals with China and Google, censorship, internet use in China, cultural differences on the use of the internet between China and the west.

He suspects it won't be up for long. I guess we'll see.

April 18, 2006

No disposables?

So this is why I can no longer get APS disposable cameras, huh?

I knew I should have stocked up on them... and it's taken me some time to catch on. Pity.

I guess I'll have to look harder for reusable APS cameras, then.

April 15, 2006

Fun with trying to earn air points, air miles, or whatever they're called...

Possible signs that you've signed up for the wrong airline's frequent flyer points thingy: you phone a partner airline of theirs to check your booking, and they say words to the effect of 'Virgin Atlantic? Who are they? Virgin Blue? But we're a competitor of Virgin Blue!'

(Oddly, the Air New Zealand person I was speaking to hadn't even heard of Virgin Atlantic, which initially didn't help things along.)

At least Tiny Albert can say that the food on the return trip he had with them was nice as airline food goes, at least.

Tiny Albert tries the fare in Super Squished Cattle Class on Virgin Atlantic from Sydney.

While I'm away...

While I'm away doing some other things, here's a nice picture I took while in Tasmania. More as I have time. While I'm busy doing other things. Go figure. Anyway:

Here's a cruise ship in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.