greta's being rebuilt

If you're reading this, is currently being rebuilt; we had fun having its hard disc crash again after its nth power cut (except this time we weren't so lucky when we ran fsck, and yes, we did have backup electricity service). Regular service other than some 30x redirects to new content here on ibiblio will resume soon.

15 June 2006: The Jabber server is back up. Hurrah! Well, the contact rosters didn't exactly make it, so I'll be restoring them from available client side backups, but that won't gleam most subscription information.

Ironically, the hard disc crash happened as I'd finished moving almost all of the public good-type content to here at ibiblio (thanks, guys!). (Yes, that does include the satire that is Nikster's web pages.) Most of the content already on that fits the collection policy has already been moved to; the 301 redirects have been put in so you don't need to change those web addresses to the ibiblio equivalents (albeit while I rebuild greta).

Specifically, the only public services that greta retained at the time of her crash were Apache, Jabber and Mailman daemons. The website content is largely accounted for (that's the Apache daemon), the Jabber server will be next, and the mailing lists (Mailman daemon) that haven't moved to ibiblio will somehow be resurrected. Eventually. Sorry for the trouble.

For an alternative explanation of the mess, see

More info later -- I'm desperately rebuilding the server.


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