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Austria is a hilly land with lots of pastures, meadows and mountains.
The capital is Vienna at river Danube.

Map of Europe with marked position of Austria



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    Austria Access - getting around. XORmail      
    Cartoons - over the edge.
    Corridor - ...somewhere...
    Directors Desk - information system.
    Dogs Directory - search, fetch, good dog.
    Food to keep fit - vitamins and minerals. DigiPad      
    Forum - a place for ideas and science. [0]
    Future Box - points to the future.
    G@llery project - digital exhibition.

    German for beginners - some basic german language knowledge.
    Global Watch - estimations on international situation. Weltzeit      
    Information value - the archive of the biggest Infovalues of the week.
    Internet art - artistic expression meets new media.
    Jet - selected software.

    MARS SCAN - news from our neighbour planet.
Boomerang window - open and click to return on the fly.
    Net lab - Internet tools and techniques, design and development.
    News lines - the world changes continually, with AIS you see every step.
    Pizza - do it yourself.

    Prices - compare prices with your country + exchange rates.
    PSI Test - find out if you have paranormal abilities.
    Quiz - train your brain.
    Recreation Corner - links for leisure time.
    Sachertorte - recipe for famous austrian cake.

    Sleepless Library - read on ...
    Sound lines - shake your roots !
    Spring - for kids and parents.
    Switch to Space - the challenge of an expansive environment.
    Timezones table - helps to determine if another country has internet rush hour.

    Topic - currently: Asteroids and Comets.
    Url.countries - list of country codes used in internet addresses.

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