Ask your subconscious

Ask yourself a question which can be answered with yes or no.
Then place the mouse pointer in the middle of the little circle.
The left side stands for yes and the right for no.
Leave your hand loosely on the mouse and close your eyes.

    Concentrate yourself on your question.
    Your subconscious will likely lead your arm
    a little to the left or right side.
    Wait and when you feel ready click the mouse button.
    Then open your eyes.

". . . everything of which I know, but of which I am not at the moment thinking;
everything of which I was once conscious but have now forgotten;
everything perceived by my senses, but not noted by my conscious mind;
everything which, involuntarily and without paying attention to it, I feel,
think, remember, want, and do; all the future things that are taking shape in me
and will sometimes come to consciousness: all this is the content of the unconscious."

(C.G. Jung, The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche)


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