Biggest information value of the week!

These are the information values of the week that have been presented
weekly from summer 1996 to fall 1998, with some pauses between.

They have been a good opportunity to visit some of the more
interesting sites.
Now you can count some wrinkles as the internet gets older.

The Winners!

  • Winner site of the week: A useful repertoire of common dances.
    Step patterns together with MIDI background music in the typical rhythm
    make it possible to learn the basic steps online - grab your partner and
    start dancing.

    Dancing ! (stopped)

  • Winner site of the week: Well written and with many diagrams, this
    clearly structured site makes it easy to learn chess from the beginning.
    If you need a board you can use one of these free chess programs (DOS/ Win)
    to follow the moves in the explanation or to play against the computer.

    Chess !

  • Winner site of the week: 1.000.000 years ago our probably African
    predecessors have watched such water hole to get a safe drink
    or have waited with empty stomachs to stalk a careless animal.
    Today we can watch the water hole from all over the world for our
    viewing pleasure. When do elephants get their morning drink?

    Wildlive ! (out of focus)

  • Winner site of the week: Science is a description of the part of
    Nature accessible to our perception. This site presents some of the
    fundamental descriptions written in a concise, comprehensible manner -
    from energy and matter, over the elements and their interrelations,
    to planets, life and anatomy. This short coverage of a big area makes
    it possible to realize relations between fields of science and
    provides a basis for further reading.

    Natural Science !

  • Winner site of the week: Tales and unverified sightings of unknown
    creatures are the field of Cryptozoology. Huge hairy hominids like the
    Yeti in the Himalayas or the lake monster in the Scottish Loch Ness
    are two prominent examples, presumably closer to myths.
    This site has a collection of articles on unknown creatures from a
    variety of sources which gives an entertaining reading. Besides it
    provides a good compilation of links to other Cryptozoology sites.
    Usually unknown species come less spectacular to our attention,
    as the little monkey discovered 1998 (page vanished in the meantime) in the Amazon.

    Unknown Creatures !

  • Winner site of the week: What is the sound of a dog? Or what is
    the sound of a frog like? Your answer will likely tell more about your birthplace
    than about the animals itselves. Seems we are not especially good at
    apprehending other species languages.

    Imitating Animals !

  • Winner site of the week: This site examines some of the current
    methods of education and suggests improvements how learning can be
    more effective and pleasant. For an introductional starting point you
    might jump right into the text at 'Top Ten Mistakes in Education'.

    Thoughts on Education !

  • Winner site of the week: A variety of interesting findings concerned
    with the growth, development and propagation of cells and organisms.
    This is a wide field and the themes differ between more general and very specific.
    Know some facts about your earlier days.

    Developmental biology !

  • Winner site of the week: Guillaume Apollinaire used the term
    in 1917 to describe a direction of art that wants to achieve an
    expression above reality. The new direction becomes popular with
    Andre Breton in the Paris of the Twenties. The unconscious and
    dreams were considered as important sources of inspiration.
    This site conveys a palette of surrealistic aspects.

    Surrealism !

  • Winner site of the week: In complex environments where personal
    survey is not practicable they are often the only foundation for
    decision making. In other situations they provide an instrument to
    gain perceptions out of huge amounts of otherwise meaningless data.
    This site thoroughly explains the basics and therefore helps to
    assess results and limits of statistics.

    Statistics !

  • Winner site of the week: Very likely you will find a lot of
    new information about this beautiful, endangered animals.
    See also the part on the handling of captived tigers (vanished).

    Tigers !

  • Winner site of the week: Techniques how to organize and structure
    the work. Written for students but applicable for many areas of private
    and professional study.

    Learn to learn !

  • Winner site of the week: From the medieval period to the Twentieth Century,
    important composers who shaped the musical development of their times and
    far beyond. A well sorted survey.

    Music history !

  • Winner site of the week: This short questions & tutorial combination
    explains dose and susceptibility factors and is part of an interactive
    biology resource project.

    Toxicology !

  • Winner site of the week: The attempt to define the concept of human
    culture starting from different aspects with interesting examples.

    What is Culture ?

  • Winner site of the week: From anectodes and winners of past games
    to a virtual reconstruction of the Temple of Zeus,
    descriptions of the original contests and images of the places today.

    Ancient Olympic Games !

  • Winner site of the week: An interesting characteristic of various cultures is
    their conception of time and space. The Maya were an old central american culture
    with a remarkable development in the fields calendar, chronology and astronomy.

    Mayan calculations !

  • Winner site of the week: India has a rich tradition in various dramatic and folk dance forms. These differentiate in the various parts of the country and often have a spiritual background.

    Dance in India ! (exhausted)

  • Winner site of the week: Lessons on how arguments are structured
    and how to distinguish if an argument is valid or not.

    Analyzing Arguments !

  • Winner site of the week: The challenge in preparing food is often
    to select those ingredients out of the range of well-known that
    fit together to a tasty meal. The stock of recipes at this site
    with lists of ingredients and short descriptions of preparation
    are a good start to practice variety in cooking.
    There are also links to places with additional recipes.

    Recipes !

  • Winner site of the week: Several Physics topics are explained in an
    easy to follow manner. At the beginning the 'tools of work' are
    repeated for those who are new or want to refresh their knowledge.
    A good successor for the now offline Physics site introduced earlier
    on this page.

    Physics Tutorials !

  • Winner site of the week: Descriptions, photos and sounds give one
    a vivid idea of that location. You will also find images of many plants

    Suriname Rainforest !

  • Winner site of the week: Intervals, scales and chords in a
    comprehensible way accompanied by instructive sheets of music.

    With this midi music program you can try to get this into practice.

    Music theory ! (faded)

  • Winner site of the week: Often the only signs of early communities
    which have outlasted the times are those carved in stone.
    Here you will find images of such signs from around the world.

    Artefacts ! (as it says)

  • Winner site of the week: Today they are the silent coordinators
    of modern societies, convinient tools on the wrists of nearly everyone.
    But if we make a little excursion into previous centuries to
    have a look at their predecessors, other aspects come into sight.
    Fine works of craftsmanship, from pocket sundial to complex pocket
    watch chronographs. This site shows detailed images of old watches
    together with their descriptions and prices.

    Old Watches !

  • Winner site of the week: A big stock of images showing the
    healing herbs sorted by name or kind and a collection of related
    books and documents for download with methods of application.

    Medicinal Plants !

  • Winner site of the week: The oriental rugs consist of wool,
    goat-hair or silk, tied together with up to several hundred thousand
    knots per square meter and are covered with patterns of ornaments,
    flowers, fruits and sometimes animals.
    With images, descriptions, regions of origin and their rough prices
    this site helps to get in touch with the characteristics of fine
    rugs and carpets.

    Rugs & Carpets ! (threadbare)

  • Winner site of the week: Opera, a composition of music, singing,
    playing and scenery merged into a dramatic performance. This site gives
    an overview of composers and their major works, summaries of plots and
    song texts.
    Another site has some additional libretti. (mute)

    Opera !

  • Winner site of the week: The process how the energy from the Sun is
    transformed into a form that is the basis of nearly all food chains and therefore
    provides the energy supply to keep us going. This site explains the process
    of photosynthesis more in depth together with nice graphics.

    Photosynthesis ! (dimmed)

  • Winner site of the week: This site shows some of the about 15000 years old
    famous rock paintings in a french cave. Some art never gets out of fashion.

    The cave of Lascaux !

  • Winner site of the week: A description of the units which form us
    as a living network - know yourself.

    Cells !

  • Winner site of the week: Its a jungle down there. Underwater images of
    fishes, crabs, anemones and starfishes allow us to take a peek into the deep
    with our monitor eye. Also have a look at the authors Red Sea marine life (deserted) page.

    Here are some images at another site (sunk) and
    the winners of an underwater image competition (bleached).

    Underwater Wildlife ! (missing)

  • Winner site of the week: The description of building, technique and
    performance of a solar energy powered house in a region with an annually
    average temperature of 5 degree Celsius (=41 degree Fahrenheit).

    Solar Energy House ! (gloomy)

  • Winner site of the week: This site contains essential information for
    all who are bored with heavy paper work or still go to school.
    Beside this it is another nice example for clear online instructions.

    Paper Airplane !

  • Winner site of the week: From last weeks deep waters to this weeks high
    altitudes. Here are instructions for beginners on flying an aircraft.
    If you fly on the aviation topic another site provides a lot of links.

    Private Pilot !

  • Editor's revision: About two thirds of the Earth are covered by water.
    Not so long ago boats were the only possibility to get ones foot on
    another continent. Finding information on the maritime topic is an easy
    cruise with this well sorted directory.

    Ships & Boats !

  • Winner site of the week: Read about the people behind some well known
    inventions. Today these inventions and further developments based on them
    are perceived as part of our culture and modern world.

    Inventors !

  • Winner site of the week: The art of folding bodily figures and objects
    out of a square piece of paper without glueing or cutting it.
    Exactness and patience is needed to fold a good origami figure and
    a lot of skill and imagination to create a new one.

    Origami !

  • Winner site of the week: These various demonstrations in physics help
    to understand and prove basic principles and effects.

    Physics Lecture Demonstrations !

  • Winner site of the week: This guide shows step by step how to propagate
    carnivorous plants at home. There is also a page about
    care and cultivation of Pinguicula a kind of carnivorous plant - very interesting.
    The main page, Carnivorous Plant Database, with further links is here.

    Replicating carnivorous plants ! (vanished)

  • Winner site of the week: Our knowledge about the Earth barely scratches
    the surface. Until today the Deep Sea is largely an unknown area.
    These pages show images connected with this field of research.

    Deep Sea !

  • Winner site of the week: A short but nice collection of links mainly
    concerning amazing effects of visual perception which show us some
    attributes of our brain - very interesting.

    Psychology Tutorials and Demonstrations !

  • Winner site of the week: A good memory is the prerequisite to use
    the information once learned. Here you will find various methods to
    improve your memory. With these methods you will remember much
    easier lists of items, names or numbers.

    Memory ! (absent)

  • Winner site of the week: Working with glass - from glass blowing to glass painting.

    Glass !

  • Winner site of the week: Whether one wants to find something about
    algae, bonsai or orchid, this directory reflects the great diversity of this field.

    Botany ! (withered)

  • Winner site of the week: The internet provides fast transportation
    of information on a global scale. The growing need for advanced transportation
    of persons and physical goods is a task for future technologies.
    This site introduces some of these systems for metropolitan transportation.

    Innovative Transportation Technologies !

  • Winner site of the week: Art has spread into many branches with
    significant changes since our prehistoric past. This site is a well
    sorted directory where one can get quickly information on important
    cultural periods and places.

    Art history !

  • Winner site of the week: Imagination in three dimensions. The art of
    stone carving with images of gargoyles and other sculptures,
    tools and techniques plus a list of 200 different marbles.

    Stone carving !

  • Winner site of the week: A step by step introduction in the fascinating field of logic.

    Logic ! (unresolved)

  • Winner site of the week: These inspiring pages explain various topics in a short and scientific way.
    For example in the antibiotic section after introducing penicillium it proceeds to
    'Try growing your own penicillium' - very interesting!

    Science Museum !

  • Winner site of the week: Grow your own vegetables. Information from preparing the soil to (scrapped)
    organic vegetable gardening (perished) - great information value.

    Vegetable Gardening !

  • Winner site of the week: It is not likely that you will be stuck
    in a space station where the electric system breaks down like it
    happened in the space station MIR in July 1997.
    A basic electronic knowledge can be useful nevertheless.

    Basic Electronics ! (disconnected)

  • Winner site of the week: In the emerging age of electronic distributed
    information the art of bookbinding seems antiquated.
    But there are occasions one may want to preserve a worn out book,
    an old diary or college notes. Here is a primary tutorial and links
    to the art of bookbinding.

    Bookbinding !

  • Winner site of the week: Thousands of years people have used the same
    materials found in nature, from minerals to vegetable fibres.
    This century has created a rich assortment of materials with extended
    properties - ceramics, glasses, composites, aloys and semiconductors.

    New materials ! (broken)

  • Winner site of the week: From food and nutrition information to tips regarding employment, a useful consumer text catalog.

    Consumer Information Center !

  • Winner site of the week: A course in economics which explains briefly some of the terms to describe market forces.

    Economics ! (dropped)

  • Winner site of the week: A well sorted directory of resources on analytical chemistry.
    It gives a good survey over this modern branch of chemistry -
    from Atomic Spectroscopy to X-Ray Spectroscopy.
    In addition there is a list of resources on chemistry teachings (over)
    with links to courses, reference material and experiments.

    Analytical Chemistry Springboard ! (fizzled out)

  • Winner site of the week: Where am I? Where do I go?
    The Global Positioning System gives you a more down to earth
    answer to this common questions.

    GPS !

  • Winner site of the week: The exploration of wave packets is
    an approach to converge the different views on the nature of atoms
    in classical mechanic and quantum mechanic.
    For an introduction read the wave packet tutorials.

    Wave Packet !

  • Winner site of the week: This is a well written guide on how to repair and maintain a computer monitor for oneself.
    In addition it is a good example of knowledge transfer over the internet.
    Do it yourself for the end of the 20th century.

    Monitor Repair ! (out of order)

  • Winner site of the week: From alligator to penguin - interesting facts about animals living in or close to the water.

    Water Animals ! (left)

  • Winner site of the week: The most popular poetry is an interesting result of an internet poll and a good selection of links to start reading.

    Poetry !

  • Winner site of the week: Some will say, 'If I had only known this site when I went to school'.
    This is a good opportunity to fresh up some basic mathematical knowledge with Dr. Math FAQ.

    Math !

  • Winner site of the week: Let's talk about the weather. These pages
    should answer most questions one can think of, among others about
    hurricanes, cloud shapes or climate reports - great information value.

    Weather !

  • Winner site of the week: The life of W.A. Mozart, the ingenious
    composer born in 18. century in Salzburg/Austria, in the form of a
    children's book, is indeed well done and interesting for all ages.

    To get an acoustic overview of Mozart's works, another site provides music files (MIDI) for download.
    Freeware Windows MIDI player for download (475K).

    The Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Story !

  • Winner site of the week: Energy in its different forms keeps our modern
    world moving. Here are the basics: Where it comes from, how it is transformed
    in electricity and how it is transfered to the user. This clear overview
    is easy to read and remember. The site has also a link to the interesting
    Alternative Fuel Vehicles page

    The Energy Story ! (drained)

  • Winner site of the week: This site's main focus is on the human mind.
    It provides an overview of therapy models and their founders, like
    Sigmund Freud and Alfred Adler, and concepts and techniques, like
    Behavior Therapy and Transactional Analysis.

    Psychotherapy ! (failed)

  • Winner site of the week: This site shows how atoms of various elements
    bond together in different ways to form molecules, the smallest part of a
    substance. These pages help to visualize the 3 dimensional composition of
    molecules and how they form complex structures like the DNA.

    Molecules !

  • Winner site of the week: Build in the 15th century under pope Sixtus IV and situated in today's Vatican state, the walls were painted by various great artists (Botticelli, Rosselli..). The most renowned of them is Michelangelo who worked on the frescos in the 16th century. Beneath his works are these two well-known wall paintings, the Creation of Sun and Moon and the Creation of Adam.

    The Sistine Chapel !

  • Winner site of the week: This site is about the face of our earth, how it changes through time and how chemistry helps to determine what has happened to the earth in the the past.

    Geology !

  • Winner site of the week: Most people will only have the opportunity to see some of these birds fly past in the distance. These pages have pictures of common North American and Mexican birds, audio WAV files of their calls and songs and identification tips.

    Birds !

  • Winner site of the week: Ikebana - the japanese art of flower arrangement is a way people describe their view of nature and beauty through the distinctive arrangement of flowers and other materials.
    Like many japanese arts, Ikebana is structured in various schools (closed) and styles (out).

    Ikebana ! (bare)

  • Winner site of the week: All time under our eyes but barely noticeable, except we get a cold or something more unfriendly.
    This site of the week gives a good introduction in the field of Microbiology, with comprehensible explanations, graphics and images - great information value.

    Microbiology ! (vanished)

  • Winner site of the week: The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco offer an imagebase of thousands of pictures online.
    A personal preference: Take a look at their Japanese prints collection or search for Hokusai, a japanese artist famous for his colorful woodblock prints called Ukiyo-e.

    Fine Arts !

  • Winner site of the week: A cave is an uncommon and adventurous environment. This site covers articles, pictures of caves and techniques to explore them.

    Caves ! (lost)

  • Winner site of the week: Building of molecular structures and micro sized machinery. Instruments like Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy. New materials like fullerenes and organic crystals. The terms of an emerging technology that may play an important role in a not so far away future - great information value !

    Nanotechnology ! (not found)

  • Winner site of the week: There is a lot below the ground. Minerals - this site gives descriptions, physical characteristics and images.

    Minerals !

  • Winner site of the week: Renewable Energy - an index to technologies on how energy can be transformed in electricity in a way that takes care of the environment - like Ocean- and Wind Energy.

    Renewable Energy Technologies !

  • Winner site of the week: This side is full of useful tips for everyday life.
    If you want to know how to choose the right wine for dinner or how to change a flat tire -
    these pages explain this and more in an entertaining manner and with nice pictures.

    Useful tips for everyday ! (insoluble)

  • Winner site of the week: "Where do we come from?", for visitors of the previous site of the week, this question will sound familiar. The site of this week gives a more scientific answer to this question.

    Origins of Humankind ! (past)

  • Winner site of the week: Philosopher means friend of wisdom.
    This site explains many terms with an alphabetical index and provides
    a philosophy text collection - great information value!

    Philosophy !

  • Winner site of the week: Maybe this page has traveled to you over a satellite link.
    Satellites become increasingly important in global communication and information access.
    Weather-, Earth Observation-, Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellites, Imagery ...
    These pages give a good introduction in the field of satellites - great information value!

    Satellites !

  • Winner site of the week: this is a journey in pictures through two important periods of european architecture
    - Renaissance (15.-16. century) and Baroque (17.-18. century).

    Architecture: Renaissance and Baroque !

  • Winner site of the week: The heads and concepts who shaped our view of todays physical world.
    This site features physical principles and their discoverers with clear graphics and intelligibly explanations - great information value!

    Problems, principles and solutions!

  • Winner site of the week: In the year 400 BC a greek philosopher named Democritus said
    that people say there is color, sweetness and bitterness, but in truth there are only
    atoms and emptiness. - This site introduces the theory of fundamental particles and forces
    in a comprehensible way - great information value!

    Atoms and smaller !

  • Winner site of the week: Last week the fauna. This week the flora. Imagine the beautiful smell of the wild-flowers and realize one of the boundaries of the internet...

    Wild-Flowers ! (scarce)

  • Winner site of the week: Dive in informations and resources about whales.

    Whales !

  • Winner site of the week: At this site you will see how persons, cultures and events you have heard from fit into the larger scheme of history.
    (You will need a frames capable browser).

    History !

  • Winner site of the week: Time to relax. Of course at an outstanding place. Put on a warm jacket and visit the continent with the lowest human population: Antarctica.

    Antarctica ! (frozen)

  • Winner site of the week: Very nice reference work about the world's organisms. Great information value!
    Intro page - description of the project.

    Tree of life !

  • Winner site of the week: This site shows us the great variety of arts and cultures over the centuries.

    Le Louvre !

    To round off the subject here is the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
    As a complement which shows us the great variety of cultures from another direction - the languages of the world. (quiet)

  • Winner site of the week: A very special topic this week - Do you know what El Nino is? Check it out, very interesting.

    El Nino !

  • Winner site of the week: All about Health - many, many links, but they are well organized - good information value.

    Health ! (unwell)

  • Winner site of the week: Genetic - a controversial subject due the potentialities and dangers - here are some of the basic abstract terms.

    Primer on Molecular Genetics. (dismantled)
    More on genetic.

  • Winner site of the week: An impressive collection of electronic books from famous authors for free downloading.


  • Winner site of the week: This site contains new informations on many science subjects - up to date and interesting!

    Science News! (out-of-date)

  • Winner site of the week: For all on the tracks of Newton & Co who like to take a course in physics.

    Physics ! (transformed)

  • Winner site of the week: A highly specialized site which offers a good selection of shareware/free (Winsock) software for a fast and easy internet access and therefore helps you to retrive useful information!

    E-mail, Browsers,...!

  • Winner site of the week: Quality resources on worldwide Social Science - great information value!

    Social Science!

  • Winner site of the week: An amazing amount of environmental related issues and links - great information value!

    Environmental site!

  • Winner site of the week: A very interesting and well done page with much information about virology - pictures, diseases, vaccines, courses with scribbles and related links.

    All about virology!

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