Art On Weaver 

The Art On Weaver Festival

Installation day, June 21st, will be celebrated with a community festival of art and creativity.  Andrea Young is planning a street-long hands-on “art journey” for kids of all ages to celebrate the joy of making.  Monnda Welch of Grassroots Arts is planning an art/craft fair.  Weaver Street Market, Carrboro’s community-owned grocery store, has programmed food and music on the lawn, with guest appearances by Carrboro Arts Group’s truly extraordinary carnival creatures.  Come join us on Saturday June 21st, from 12.30 onwards.  Sculptors will be on hand to talk about their work (just try and stop them!)  Please park at the designated festival lots and make sure that the Carr Mill  Mall merchants are rewarded for their support of this event by leaving the Mall parking spaces available for customers.  Better yet: reward them with a visit! 


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