The great ibiblio migration of 2011

[This image has been removed.]
The team still has a few loose ends to tie, but most of ibiblio has been migrated to a new home on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus.

We replaced hardware as much as ten years old. How it was still running is anyone’s guess.  In sum, we:

  • deployed 60 servers
  • copied 10 terabytes of data and 20 million files
  • migrated 1,600 websites (collections) and 900 databases

Miniaturization is a familiar theme in technology. Our story isn’t as dramatic as a modern cell phone having more computing power than 1960’s NASA, though we are proud or our accomplishment. ibiblio now occupies 1/10 of the physical space the old equipment occupied. Outbound network traffic has also increased and peaks at 600 Mbps.

Thanks go to everyone involved–the ibiblio team, as well as the many contributors and site owners.

photograph by Dave Croker