As we sorted through hundreds of great collections and distributions during ibiblio.org’s migration, we re-discovered great ones to share. One is the free and easy-to-use PCLinuxOS distribution, for x86 desktops or laptops.

This operating system is a live CD based on Mandrake Linux that runs from a bootable CD that can be installed to your computer. Data on the CD is uncompressed on the fly and allows up to 2GB of programs on one CD including a complete X server, KDE desktop, OpenOffice.org and many more applications ready to use.

One of the best features: you can try PCLinuxOS without making changes to your computer! If you like it, you can install it to your hard drive.

The operating system comes with complete internet suite for Web surfing, sending and receiving emails, instant messaging, blogging, and tweeting. It also allows for photo editing, video and TV show watching, and music listening and streaming (mp3s from your desktop or internet radio). For job- or school-related activities, PCLinuxOS offers Open Office for documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and graphics.

To learn more about PCLinuxOS or to download it today, visit its distribution website. To learn about other Linux distributions hosted by ibiblio.org, click here.