Dec 7, 1941: A day that will live in Infamy…

To commemorate the anniversary of one of the most dramatic attacks on American soil, we are reposting a description from earlier this year–one of the more fascinating collections ibiblio has to offer:

The Pearl Harbor History Associates (PHHA) is a non-profit corporation chartered by the Commonwealth of Virginia on July 2, 1985 for the purposes of education, research, and promulgation of historical data.

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“To honor the memory, to serve the truth, to protect the heritage, we are happy to host some of the best Pearl Harbor sites on the Web”

This collection of sites is truly a unique, comprehensive, and valuable resource.

Sponsored sites include:

Pearl Harbor Attacked

This site features:

  • An mp3 of Roosevelt’s famous “A date that will live infamy” speech, as well as the original copy, with his handwritten deletions and insertions
  • A message board through which users can pose Pearl Harbor-related questions to experts
  • An online shop, where users can purchase posters, movies, and other memorabilia
  • A quiz to test your knowledge, and more!

Pearl Harbor Attack Hearings

  • A complete collection of the joint congressional hearings that took place between1941 and 1946, in which eyewitnesses give their testimony to provide a complete story of the attack

Battleship Row

  • A photographic look at the United States Navy during the attack on Pearl Harbor

ibiblio urges you to peruse these and other sites and remember those that lost their lives, but also reflect on the fact that the Pearl Harbor attack brought the people of this country together, and 70 years later we’re still going strong (in the grand scheme of things).