5 things to bookmark in ibiblio

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1. Project Gutenberg

A constantly growing collection of over 40,000 ebooks in the public domain. From Dante to Dickens, Gutenberg’s probably got it.

2. terasaur.org

The up and coming BitTorrent publishing platform for file sizes in the gigabyte to terabyte range. Linux updates, concert footage, and datasets, all available through a trustworthy and reliable peer-to-peer file sharing network.

3. The Celestia Motherlode

A collection of addons for the explorable, virtual universe.

4. WP Clipart 

Over 20,000 copyright-free images available for download.

5. Mutopia

Sort of a Project Gutenberg for music. From Beethoven to Bach, Mutopia provides nearly 2,000 copies of the sheet music to your favorite classics.