Radio Pioneers: ibiblio and WXYC, UNC’s Student Station

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WXYC 89.3 Chapel Hill was the first radio station in the country to broadcast its signal over the Internet. And how were they able to do this? Through ibiblio, of course!

We’re proud to have joined WXYC in taking that first step in what is now an inextricable relationship between broadcast media and the Internet.  WXYC practices what they call “free form radio,” where DJs move from one song to the next using sometimes obscure segues. This means you might hear a song like “Octopus’s Garden” by the Beatles followed by “That is Why” by the 90s band Jellyfish (see the connection?).

As former station manager Jason Perlmutter puts it: “Our disc jockeys harness the almighty power of the segue to draw musical linkages across time, culture, and pure sound.”

Tune in and see if you can follow the themes…