About this ibiblio place

Recently I was asked to explain what ibiblio may be. Not once but three different ways. I did two at once. I’ve already posted the 2 minute animation involving space travelers earlier.

At RTP.org‘s RTP180: Open Source All Things, I had 5 minutes to talk and show slides. So I talked. And I showed slides. But they weren’t completely related — sort of like the eclectic collections here on ibiblio.

Jen Wike reports at OpenSource.com in an article “Bringing open source to the masses, one small, local conference at a time” that:

Professor Jones presented examples of public and operating projects onĀ ibiblio and asked people to contribute in order to:
remove obstacles for cooperation
increase social involvement locally, nationally, global
preserve thousands of database-driven projects

Slides of 60 currently accessible ibiblio projects, representing less than 1% of what’s here:

Video of me talking as the slides were shown: