Cristóbal Palmer at Splatspace for Technoactivism 3rd Mondays

Who: Cristóbal Palmer, technical director of
What:TA3M aka Technoactivism Third Mondays talk
When: Monday November 18 at 7 pm (EST-US)
Where: Splatspace in Durham, NC
About: The Challenge of Archiving Dynamic Websites at ibiblio
Slides from Cristóbal’s talk

This month’s presentation is on ibiblio, and the challenge of archiving dynamic websites. ibiblio is the Public’s Library and Digital Archive. It hosts a range of collections across many disciplines. Their core task — providing infrastructure for digital collection development and preservation of digital content — has gotten more challenging over time. Sites made before roughly 1997 are relatively easy to archive. With a few exceptions (RIP blink tag), they render today just like they did in 1997, and the only concerns of the archivist are those of the underlying media: flipped bits or crashed disk heads, for example. This talk will give a brief introduction to archiving digital content and will then explore more complex archiving problems faced today. We’ll close with a call to action and discussion of how the challenges of archiving dynamic websites might be overcome.

Cristóbal Palmer