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If you love the classics but don’t have the space or money to expand your book collection, will serve you well.

The website provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to read public domain books online. More than just a “library”, it also provides tools for you to explore its poetry, tutorials, and audio.

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Simple and intuitive, SliTaz is an open source, free operating system that provides a lightweight desktop, detailed documentation, and easy-to-use configuration tools. It works completely in RAM, boots from removable media  like a CD or USB key, and weighs less than 30MB. The system is quick and responsive, clean and robust.

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Collection Spotlight: Open Humanities Press

Open Humanities Press (OHP) is an open access publisher of contemporary critical and cultural theory. A grassroots initiative by academics, librarians, journal editors and technology specialists, OHP was formed in response to the growing inequality of readers’ access to critical materials necessary for research in the humanities. OHP is dedicated to the highest intellectual standards and free, unrestricted access in equal measure. Launching in 2008 as a consortium of leading open access journals in continental philosophy, cultural studies, new media, film and literary criticism, OHP is committed to making scholarly works of outstanding quality and challenge freely available to a worldwide audience.